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Elevated Existence November 2017 Spiritual and Self-Improvement Book Picks

Each month, a ton of new spiritual and self-help books hit the market. It’s easy to get overwhelmed or miss out on some new releases.

I created Elevated Existence Monthly Book Picks to help narrow down your search, and make sure you don’t miss some great options!

Here are the picks for October 2017. They are listed below in alphabetical order. Click on each title to go directly to Amazon and find out more about the book.

“A Daily Dose of Women’s Wisdom,” by Christiane Northrup
New York Times bestselling author, Christiane Northrup, has been helping women navigate their lives with grace and joy for years as an author and board-certified OB/GYN physician. In this compact volume book, she offers her wisdom in a fresh form, filled with pointed reminders “to help you develop a deeper respect for, and connection to, your own body and its exquisite guidance system [to] create a vibrantly healthy body, mind, and spirit,” she says in the book.

Each page carries a quote touching on a topic of deep significance: from heart-listening to epigenetics to the importance of knowing your decisions about medical treatment are not irreversible.


“How to Be Your Own Genie: Manifesting the Magical Life You Were Born to Live,” by Radleigh Valentine
In his new book, Radleigh Valentine, internationally renowned speaker, bestselling author and spiritual intuitive, distills all he’s learned over the decades through messages from the universe, angels, and his own experiences, to show readers how to manifest and live a magical life, including practical advice and exercises.

After years of suppressing and denying his true self, Radleigh Valentine had a revelation: “The sparklier I am, the more me that I am, the happier and more magical my life becomes.” Readers will learn how to get in touch with their “inner genie” to make wishes come true; how to read messages form the Universe each day; how to speak to angels and more.


“The Integrity Advantage: Step Into Your Truth, Love Your Life and Claim Your Magnificence,” by Kelley Kosow
Does any of this sound familiar to you? You vowed to speak up at work, and then sat silent in the meeting yet again. You told yourself “this time the diet is going to stick,” only to watch the scale inching up. You felt that something just wasn’t right about someone that—until you learned the hard way that your instincts were right. Author and CEO of the Ford Institute, Kelley Kosow explains we make promises to ourselves every day, and then we break them. But it doesn’t have to be that way. “The Integrity Advantage” is a step-by-step guide for facing the fear, shame, and false beliefs that cause us to lose our way.

Through life-changing insights, true stories and proven strategies, Kosow shares how to live on your own terms—according to you—from the inside out, including how to connect with your inner truth; level-up your self-love and self-trust to get where you want to go; break free of the “gravitational pull” of your past; stop living from your “to-do” list and start living from your “bucket” list” and more.


“Inventing Joy: Dare to Build a Brave & Creative Life,” by Joy Mangano
Self-made millionaire, entrepreneur, inventor of the Miracle Mop and the inspiration behind the acclaimed film Joy starring Jennifer Lawrence, Joy Mangano shares her blueprint to share your most joyful life.

Her rise from single mother of three to the nation’s most celebrated female inventor is truly what dreams are made of, and in this book — full of twists and turns, work and love, obstacles encountered and overcome, she points out her very own personal light-bulb moments, including lessons she learned the hard way and principles she still relies on today. Readers learn the thoughts and ideas that drive her business, life and family and are the foundation for her success. These concepts come together in the end to form Joy’s Blueprint, a resource that will help you live your most joyful life—the Blueprint that Joy delivers to the world for the first time.


“The Lifetimes When Jesus and Buddha Knew Each Other: A History of Mighty Companions,” by Gary Renard
Two and a half decades ago, Ascended Master Teachers Arten and Pursah appeared to Gary Renard and held a series of conversations with him that elaborated on the teachings of two spiritual classics, The Gospel of Thomas and A Course in Miracles. Gary immortalized what he learned in the books of his best-selling series of books: “The Disappearance of the Universe,” “Your Immortal Reality,” and “Love Has Forgotten No One.” This fourth book is a companion to the original trilogy, yet written to stand alone, an invitation for new readers into this fascinating work.

This book explores six of the lifetimes in which the incarnations of Jesus and Buddha lived together, beginning in 700 B.C. when they were known as Saka and Hiroji. Arten and Pursah, through the spiritual lessons that Jesus and Buddha learn on their path, clarify the difference between duality and non-duality. When you are able to internalize these lessons, you will be saved countless years in your spiritual development.


“Napoleon Hill’s Life Lessons,” by Napoleon Hill
Author of the now famous book, “Think and Grow Rich,” Napoleon Hill taught success principles to the world years ago. Now, Judith Williamson, director of the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center, compiled “Napoleon Hill’s Life Lessons,” so readers can apply the material to their own lives and accomplish what they desire. She has used her extensive knowledge of Napoleon Hill’s writings with her experience as a professor on the principles of success to relate to the work of Hill to create a profound message for the reader. Read, study, and apply the messages to reach your own maximum potential.


“Santa’s Tiniest Elves,” by T Love
Spread the universal message of love and kindness with the young ones (and old) souls in your life with this new children’s book by Sojihuggles Children’s Foundation founder and CEO T Love. Each of Santa’s elves are assigned a special job at the North Pole. His tiniest elves are so small though, and it seems impossible they would be able to do any assignment he gave them. One day, while watching them float around Aurora Borealis Mountain, Santa suddenly realizes exactly what job they are meant to do and gives them the most wonderful and important job of all! NOTE: A portion of the royalties from the sale of every book goes directly to support children in need.


“Success Affirmations: 52 Weeks for Living a Passionate and Purposeful Life,” by Jack Canfield
Bestselling author of “The Success Principles,” motivational speaker and star of “The Secret,” Jack Canfield’s new book helps readers break through to new levels of passion, purpose and prosperity with 52 affirmations and time-tested wisdom. With co-authors Kelly Johnson and Ram Ganglani, he shares what positive affirmations are (and what they are not), why they are so effective, and how to effortlessly integrate them into your life.

Readers will learn how to avoid letting life happen to them; how to proactively go after their dreams; how to use the power of deliberate thought to create the reality you want; how to identify true passions and purpose to direct affirmations to concrete goals; and more. For those who want to rise above, to get unstuck, or to catapult to a new level success, Canfield will show you how positive affirmations can transform your life in extraordinary ways.

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