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Finding Synchronicity in a Fortune Cookie

Just ask my friends, family and everyone at Elevated Existence, and they will tell you – I’m always talking about synchronicity and how the events of our life our so interconnected.

Of course, many times we don’t connect these events until after they happen, and many people don’t even look back to connect the dots at all. Now, I’m not one for dwelling on the past, but when you are looking back constructively to see how the events in your life brought you to where you are today … I think it’s a must!

However, you don’t always have to look backwards because synchronistic events are happening all the time. I always like to tell people the story of my fortune cookie, and I think it helps to illustrate how we can find synchronicity in everyday life.

So here it goes … After eating Chinese takeout for dinner one night, I looked at the array of fortune cookies sitting on the table, and suddenly had a thought – “Wouldn’t it be funny if the cookie I picked had a message intended just for me? Can the universe actually speak to us through a cookie?”

At the time, I was working hard on a number of projects for Elevated Existence, and had spoken to a friend that morning about the common frustration of things not moving fast enough … I’m sure many of you can relate! Patience was never my virtue, although I am learning to cultivate it!

So I summoned my intuition, and chose a cookie. Here is what it said:

“All the effort you are making will ultimately pay off.”

Now, skeptics will tell me half of the fortune cookies in the world probably have the same message, and maybe one or two others on the table had it, too. But I chose to take it as encouragement from the universe telling me to keep doing what I’m doing, and all my goals will be achieved.

Just think about what went into getting that exact fortune onto my kitchen table. The manufacturer had to get it shipped to a distributor. Then that distributor had to pack the exact box with my fortune cookie in it, and decide to deliver it to my local Chinese restaurant. Then I had to decide I wanted Chinese food that evening, and the man or woman who packed the order for food had to choose this exact cookie among a bunch of other cookies to put in my bag. And finally, out of the five sitting on my table, I picked this one. That is one amazing journey for a fortune cookie – which to me is synchronicity at its best!

You see, the universe is always trying to communicate to us, but often we are too busy or too skeptical to pay attention and recognize the messages it sends. And you know what? Even if every fortune cookie on my table had the exact same fortune, the difference is, I chose to believe it was a message for me, and that I would attain my goals. And aren’t we living in a universe created out of our thoughts and beliefs?

Tammy Mastroberte
Founder, Publisher & Editorial Director
Elevated Existence Magazine

3 thoughts on “Finding Synchronicity in a Fortune Cookie

  1. What a terrific synchronicity! I think the universe is telling you you’re on exactly the right path. Your blog came up in a Google alert for the term. Hope you’ll stop by our blog and join the conversation.

  2. All that matters is that it was meaningful to you. I stopped long ago trying to convince others of that messages meant for me were meaningful.

  3. amoja three rivers says:

    On my path to converting to Judaism I schul-shopped (visiting various synagogues to find the right “fit”.) Arriving at Beth Jacob Congregation in St Paul, I was struck by how friendly & open the members were. But what immediately & profoundly clinched it for me was meeting Rabbi Morris Allen, whose name occurs 5 times in my family: a cousin, an uncle, my great-grandfather: Morris Allen, Morris Allen, Morris Allen, my grandfather, Morris Mott Allen & his twin brother Morris Joseph Allen. Named after his own grandfather, Rabbi’s full name is also Morris Joseph Allen. I don’t necessarily look for “signs”, but I notice them when they occur. Obviously Beth Jacob was to be my spiritual home, & it is.

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