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Free Steven Halpern Album Download to Reduce Stress

Through his company, Inner Peace Music, Steven Halpern, the best-selling recording artist, composer and researcher of music to reduce stress and enhance relaxation and well-being, is giving away thousands of MP3 downloads of his new album, “Smartreader Stress Reducing Music,” combining Halpern’s clinically proven relaxing music with inaudible affirmations that support the body’s natural ability to heal itself. It is intended to be especially helpful to those who are electro-sensitive and suffer from negative effects of SmartMeters, according to the company.

“My sleep and mental clarity have been negatively affected since a SmartMeter was installed on my house,” Halpern said. “I’ve had a great deal of success using specially composed music to reduce stress in general, and this new audio program can be a partial solution to the EMF problem. It works for me, and I wanted to help as many other people as possible.”

Steven Halpern’s music has a proven track record of over 35 years to immediately reduce stress, enhance mental clarity and concentration, an offer an experience of relaxation, well-being and peace. Additionally, Halpern discovered how to support the body’s own healing energies with music that activates the “Relaxation Response,” according to a company press release.

Steven Halpern’s ‘SmartMeter (TM) Stress Reducing Music’ can be accessed at no charge at www.innerpeacemusic.com/smartmetergift.

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