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Hay House Debuts Fiction Line With Gay Hendricks Book

Hay House, a book publishing company known for its self-help, transformation and spirituality books, will launch its line of fiction books in January 2012 with relationship expert Gay Hendricks’ new mystery novel “The  First Rule of Ten” as its first release.

“I’m thrilled that Hay House has chosen my book to launch the new fiction line,” Hendricks said. “Our detective, Ten, draws on his upbringing in a Tibetan monastery to bring spiritual awareness into his work on the gritty streets of Los Angeles.”

The new book is co-authored by Tinker Lindsay, who explains that it combines mystery and mindfulness, two of her passions. “I think readers are going to love Ten, as well as relate to his valiant attempts to integrate his deep Buddhist roots with a complex urban world.”

For Hendricks, the book makes a longtime dream come true. “When I was a teenager I loved to read the adventures of Sherlock Holmes,” he said. “I read so many of them that my English teacher started calling me Sherlock. I decided that someday I would write a mystery novel of my own, and try to create a hero as interesting as Sherlock. Our detective, Ten, is my idea of a hero for our times, a person who can make his spirituality come alive in the real world of crime and intrigue.”

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