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Heal Your Self DVD Helps Views Make Positive Changes

Doctors, researchers and people who have survived serious conditions and healed themselves – including cancer, obesity, Crohn’s disease and more – will help viewers of “Heal Your Self” (http://www.healyourself.tv) learn to make positive changes in their lives.

First-time filmmaker Norm Hacker examines topics like food, stress, environmental toxicity and the power of the mind. The DVD features experts like Bernie Siegel, MD; Seventh Generation co-founder Jeffrey Hollender; best-selling author John Gray; cancer survivor Susan Ryan Jordan (mother of actress Meg Ryan); and more.

It’s available for viewing via an instant download, or you can order the DVD. There is also a meditation CD available.

Learn to take charge of your mind and body, and to heal yourself.

3 thoughts on “Heal Your Self DVD Helps Views Make Positive Changes

  1. This is a fantastic film by Norm Hacker. Everyone should see it. The CD with the healing meditations is also excellent. I highly recommend Heal Your Self.

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