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Heal Your Self DVD Helps Views Make Positive Changes

Doctors, researchers and people who have survived serious conditions and healed themselves – including cancer, obesity, Crohn’s disease and more – will help viewers of “Heal Your Self” (http://www.healyourself.tv) learn to make positive changes in their lives.

First-time filmmaker Norm Hacker examines topics like food, stress, environmental toxicity and the power of the mind. The DVD features experts like Bernie Siegel, MD; Seventh Generation co-founder Jeffrey Hollender; best-selling author John Gray; cancer survivor Susan Ryan Jordan (mother of actress Meg Ryan); and more.

It’s available for viewing via an instant download, or you can order the DVD. There is also a meditation CD available.

Learn to take charge of your mind and body, and to heal yourself.

3 thoughts on “Heal Your Self DVD Helps Views Make Positive Changes

  1. Jeanette Watkins says:

    This is a fantastic film by Norm Hacker. Everyone should see it. The CD with the healing meditations is also excellent. I highly recommend Heal Your Self.

  2. How much is the Heal Your Self DVD and where can it be purchased?

    1. If you click on the website link in the article, the website gives you all the details.

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