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Marianne Williamson launched Crowdfunding Platform to Support Her Run for Congress

The Marianne Williamson’s campaign in California’s District 33, launched a crowdfunding effort so fans and supporters around the country can play a role in supporting her run for Congress.

Crowdfunding is the practice of raising money from a large number of people on the Internet, and fans can create their own branded page and ask those they know to contribute.

Williamson is not taking money from corporate PACS, special interests or lobbyists. To date the campaign has received grass roots donations from thousands of people across the country. Her campaign message of getting big money out of politics has become even more critical with the recent McCutcheon decision eliminating the cap on the amount of money that one citizen can donate to a political campaign committee.

Rally.org is the platform the Williamson campaign is using to fuel this crowdfunding effort, which allows individuals to create their own page, personalize their message of why they are supporting Marianne for Congress and recruit others to do the same!

“I am inspired by this crowdfunding platform,” Williamson said. “Running as an Independent, it is vital that my candidacy be powered by the people, using every method of engaging citizens to raise the funds necessary to take this effort to a top two spot in the open primary on June 3.”

Williamson’s campaign is using this innovative method of engaging citizens around the country to get involved in the political process, supporting a Constitutional amendment outlawing the undue influence of money on our politics. Her campaign represents a disruption as opposed to the perpetuation of America’s political status quo, promoting a politics of conscience and a new bottom line.

To learn how to create your own crowdfunding page to support Williamson, visit: http://www.marianneforcongress.com/crowdfund

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