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A Course in Miracles

May Cause Miracles Live Seminar: Week 6

In the last week of her live “May Cause Miracles” 6-week seminar, bestselling author Gabrielle Bernstein announced she has just graduated from Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, and decided to introduce the New York audience to a chant from the practice in order to protect the room and bring everyone’s energy together.

The chant was “Ong Namo Gurudev Namo,” which means I bow to the inner wisdom within you, she explained. This week of the book – and the live seminar – focused on taking the wisdom from the previous 5 weeks and and sharing it with the world.

“We are all teachers, and this is the time for collective community,” Bernstein said, explaining we are in the Aquarian Age which is a time of recovery and restoration. “We have to be awake to a higher consciousness. If you are ending up in rooms like this, whether you realize it or not, you signed a sacred contract with the Universe to serve.”

The work for this week of the book is about sharing our light with the world, and Bernstein offered four steps for us to remember our true calling:

  1. Your purpose is to heal your mind.
  2. Continuously witness and surrender the fear that blocks your purpose.
  3. Listen to your ‘ing’ and trust in the path.
  4. Choose love and know you’re changing the pattern of the world.

Quoting from “A Course in Miracles,” she said: “Miracles are healing because they supply a lack; they are performed by those who temporarily have more for those who temporarily have less.”

This reinforces the role of miracle workers in the world, she explained. As we heal our own minds, and help others to do the same, we are all performing miracles.

“As you begin to expand your inner world, you temporarily have more,” Bernstein told the audience. “When you forgive them, teach them and shine your light, you are offering help for those who temporarily have less, and that is a miracle.”

Many of the practices of witnessing, willingness, gratitude and forgivness used throughout the book are applied to the world as a whole this week. On Day 36, the affirmation shared is: “For my peace and the peace of the world, I choose love.” The morning passage asks us to witness our ego in action without judgment, which Bernstein said is what the entire 40-day course is all about.

“All I have to do is witness without judgment, and remind myself [fear] isn’t real. Then it’s just about saying yes to love,” she shared. “Saying yes is the most important part. Saying yes when we hear guidance, no matter how uncomfortable we may fear. As you say yes, you will be guided to what you need to learn more of.”

By Day 39, we revisit gratitude with the affirmation, “I am grateful for my new perception of the world,” and Bernstein explained we must not dwell on the mistakes we make along the way. It’s about witnessing them without judgment and then forgiving ourselves as quickly as possible.

“Your ego is not grateful for your new perceptions. Your highest self has to practice the gratitude for your new perceptions,” she told the audience. “The key to having a committed spiritual practice is to fall in love with your practice. If you have not fallen in love with it yet, just keep growing and praying to fall in love with it, and you will.

One of the new perceptions is realizing we are here in this physical world to be helpful to others, and this viewpoint can change everything, Bernstein said, noting that to be a miracle worker, we don’t have to be perfect and have it all together. In fact, not having it all together is what helps her teach.

“I can take my experiences and tell you the mistakes I made, and how I brought myself back,” she said.

As we continue the work laid out in the six weeks, we will start to see a new pattern emerging where we are creating more love then fear. “You have an innate behavior and now you need to keep it up, and show up and say ‘yes’ more, and listen more.,” she said. “Keep the work going and make sure it is a committed practice. We are not done. We have just begun. This is when the real work begins, and it’s time to go up a notch.”

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For more on Bernstein, her books and her work, visit www.gabby.tv.

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