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May-June 2022 New Spiritual and Self-Help Book Picks

NOTE: Every month, bestselling author of “The Universe is Talking to You,” and founder of Elevated Existence, Tammy Mastroberte, chooses her picks for new books, audios and card decks in the spiritual and self-help field. None of these picks are sponsored or paid for — they are her honest picks that she shares with others!


“All for Love: The Transformative Power of Holding Space,” by Matt Kahn
Whether divided by race, gender, sexual orientation, identity preference, or opinion, the incredible moral and social chasms in our world have become a source of pain and confusion for so many people. We know that love and unity are beautiful ideals, but the question remains: How do we get there?

Bestselling author Matt Kahn invites readers to see differences as golden opportunities to explore the depth of their interconnectedness. Offering insights and tangible tools, Matt teaches how to remain aligned with our highest truths and values while we hold space for the experiences of others.

Throughout the book, he shares 10 essential principle s— mercy, worthiness, bravery, and more — that help us access the highest and most loving qualities within ourselves and those around us. Each chapter contains personal stories and real-world applications, guiding us to reach into our own hearts and give one another the respect, validation, and encouragement needed to make it through the evolutionary shifts before us—shifts into greater unity and greater love.



“The Art of Breathing: How to Become at Peace with Yourself and the World,” by Danny Penman and Mark Williams
You breathe 22,000 times every day. How many of those breaths are you really aware of?

For thousands of years, people have used the art of breathing for equally profound effects on the mind and body. International bestselling and award-winning author Dr. Danny Penman provides a new edition of this concise guide to letting go and finding peace in a messy world, simply by taking the time to breathe.

Dissolve anxiety, stress, and unhappiness, enhance your mind, and unleash your creativity with the simple exercises included. With each little moment of mindfulness, you’ll discover a happier, calmer you. Mindfulness really is as easy as breathing. Some known side effects: You will smile more. You will worry less. Life won’t bother you so much.



“Be the Love: Seven Ways to Unlock Your Heart and Manifest Happiness,” by Sarah Prout
The bestselling author of “Dear Universe,” shares seven simple and powerful lessons full of practical guidance, soulful exercises, and nuggets of wisdom in Be The Love — your invitation to use the power of your emotions to achieve happiness.

Prout shares how to Be the Love you wish to feel, and how to do it by embracing lessons such as overcoming comparison traps, finding freedom in forgiveness, and accepting that making choices is how life happens — but living with your choices is how growth happens. These lessons are illustrated by Prout’s own raw, personal stories that range from humorous to harrowing.

By following the seven pieces of advice and trying them out in your own life, you will create radical and magical inner transformation, and inner transformation will lead to outer results — whether that’s within your career, relationships, or something as simple as your own self-confidence as you walk down the street. If you live your life with self-love and self-compassion as your North Star, then you will thrive.



“Be Your Future Self Now: The Science of Intentional Transformation,” by Dr. Benjamin Hardy
Who is your Future-Self? Answering this question could be the key to answering all of your life’s questions.

According to author Dr. Benjamin Hardy, it’s the answer to what you’re going to do today. It’s the answer to how motivated you are, and how you feel about yourself. It’s the answer to whether you’ll distract yourself on social media for hours, whether you’ll eat junk food, and what time you get up in the morning.

Your imagined Future-Self is the driver of your current reality. It is up to you to develop the ability to imagine better and more expansive visions of your Future-Self. Your current view of your Future-Self is very limited. If you seek learning, growth, and new experiences, you’ll be able to imagine a different and better Future-Self than you currently can.

It’s not only useful to see your Future-Self as a different person from who you are today, but it is also completely accurate. Your Future-Self will not be the same person you are today. They will see the world differently. They’ll have had experiences, challenges, and growth you currently don’t have. They’ll have different goals and priorities. They’ll have different habits. They’ll also be in a different world—a world with different cultural values, different technologies, and different challenges.



“The Burnout Antidote: A Spiritual Guide to Empowerment for Empaths, Over-givers and Highly Sensitive People,” by Anne Berube
If you are an empath or a sensitive person, what if you could use your body as an instrument for accelerated transformation and growth to overcoming the burnout you tend to feel?

Anne Bérubé helps you access your innate capacity to heal and shows you that your burnout can become a gateway to embodied wisdom and vitality. This book empowers you through a variety of practical tools and exercises, including breath work, meditations, visualizations, and self-inquiry.

Readers will learn to overcome obstacles and gain access to limitless spiritual energy. Discover how to communicate with your inner child and reclaim the fragmented parts of yourself. With this book, you can tune in to your natural gifts and recover from burnout.



“Happy Mind, Happy Life: The New Science of Mental Well-Being,” by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee
During his 20 years as a GP, Dr. Rangan Chatterjee, author of the international bestseller “Feel Better in 5,” has seen first-hand that motivation isn’t always enough for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s only when we learn how to support our own mental wellbeing and cultivate core happiness that these choices become easy.

In Happy Mind, Happy Life, Dr. Chatterjee shares cutting-edge insights into the science of happiness and reveals 10 simple ways to put you back in control of your health. It features real-life case studies and more than 20 practical exercises, including lessons on how to find your flow; create distance from your phone, deal with criticism and more.

Whether you are at a crisis point or simply want to experience more joy, this book will help you feel calmer, more confident, and able to live your life to the full. Your body and mind will thank you.



“Living Untethered: Beyond the Human Predicament,” by Michael A. Singer
Now more than ever, people all looking to feel more joy, happiness, and deeper meaning in their lives. But are we looking in all the wrong places? When our sense of wholeness depends on things or people outside ourselves — whether it’s a coveted job, a new house, a lavish vacation, or even a new relationship — sooner or later we’re bound to feel unsatisfied. That’s why we must look inside for real freedom, love, and inspiration. But how do we embark on this inner journey?

This new book from bestselling author Michael A. Singer provides clear guidance for moving beyond the thoughts, feelings, and habits that keep you stuck — so you can heal the pain of the past and let your spirit soar. On each page, you’ll discover a deeper understanding of where your thoughts and emotions come from, and how they affect your natural energy flow. Finally, you’ll find freedom from the psychological scars, or samskaras, that block you and keep you from reaching your highest potential.



“Practicing Stillness: 50 Simple Exercises to Slow Down, Live in the Moment, and Find Peace,” by Nissa Keyashian
In the hustle and bustle of modern life, it’s important to prioritize your mental health and find ways to foster your own inner peace. This book offers 50 beginner-friendly practices that help you achieve stillness and discover the beauty that exists in the present moment.

You will understand stillness, including the benefits and how to create your own routine, and it also offers a variety of effective methods for cultivating stillness and staying grounded, including breathwork exercises, mindfulness meditations, yoga poses, and more. There are also exercises to help release physical tension, embrace emotions, and infuse mindfulness into everyday activities like bathing and eating.



“The Worry (Less) Journal: Creative Exercises and Mindfulness Practices to Silence Negative Thinking and Find Peace,” by Erika Straub MA BA RYT
Do you need to quiet your mind and redirect your energy? Do you find yourself worrying more often than you would like?

With inspiring prompts and engaging exercises, this journal provides a safe space to express your feelings, explore the reasons behind your anxiety, and learn to relax and focus on the positive.

You will discover exactly what worry is and how it can manifest in your body, emotions and relationships. The book also includes affirmations, writing prompts, mindfulness practices, and other interactive activities that help you manage worry in the moment and reduce it in the future.



“Yoga Nidra Made Easy: Deep Relaxation Practices to Improve Sleep, Relieve Stress and Boost Energy and Creativity,” by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Nirlipta Tuli
Yoga nidra, or yogic sleep, is a deeply restorative and nourishing practice. With no need for physical movement, it enables you to rediscover a naturally restful and meditative state that frees you from the stress of everyday life. This ancient and sacred form of yoga is accessible and adaptable.

Experts Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Nirlipta Tuli draw on decades of teaching experience to show you how you can easily integrate yoga nidra into your life for sleep-filled nights and energized days.

You will learn how to enter the state of yogic sleep, tips and hints to memorize the practice so you can do it wherever you are at any time, and tools to create a sequence that is perfect for you. The authors also share inspiring real-life cases from other practitioners.

By following the practices in this book and listening to over 20 specially created audio resources to support your journey, you’ll soon experience a sense of peace, vitality, wellbeing and reconnection to the cycles that nourish all of life.


“You Just Need to Believe It: 10 Ways in 10 Days to Unlock Your Courage and Reclaim Your Power,” by Andrea McLean
There’s no such thing as a life without fear — we need it to survive. But finding your inner strength comes from learning how to rationalize it, tame it, and ultimately work with it. This is exactly what Andrea McLean has discovered: height and speed are scary but conquerable and past traumas don’t have to define our future. What really gets us out of our comfort zone and feeling alive is uncovering our true self.

Andrea made the courageous leap to leave her successful career as an award-winning TV broadcaster to do what fills her soul — and it was terrifying. But she hasn’t looked back and now she wants you to understand how your fear is restricting you and how to control it.

Her tried-and-tested method will help you break free from a destructive mindset and realize the lifestyle habits that aren’t serving you. In this 10-day process you will discover how to get organized and break unhealthy patterns; start and finish every day with intention and plan gratifying daily routines; feel worthy of love and know that you are loved; understand the power of the negative words you use on yourself and how to replace them; and reflect on your progress and commit to doing great things — including scaring yourself!


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