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Meditation Apps by Meditation Oasis

Meditation Oasis released version 5 of its Relax and Rest Meditations app with three varying length meditations and written tips to help the listener.

First a Breath Awareness Guided Meditation offers a five-minute session to help center and relax the listener – ideal for when time is short! Next is the Deep Rest Guided Meditation, which is 13 minutes long and allows the listener to fall into a deep restful state – ideal for before bedtime. Last is the Whole Body Guided Relaxation, which is 24 minutes long and helps to locate tension in the body and let it go.

Version 5 is optimized for iPhone OS5, offers improved nature sounds with seamless looping, and a gradual fadeout of music and nature sounds at the end of the tracks.

Also available from Meditation Oasis is the “Simply Being” app, which offers voice-guided meditations; the “At Ease: Anxiety and Worry Relief” app; and the “Take a Break: Guided Meditations for Stress Relief” app.

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