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Music Therapy Proves Helpful in Clinical Trials

It seems music therapy is growing in popularity for its help with many diseases and conditions from depression to cancer, according to an article on Allvoices.com. Many health experts advocate that the rhythm of music produces a calming effect on people whether they realize it or not, and is actually used in a variety of clinical settings to help improve a patients psychological and physical well-being. Treatments include patients listening to pre-recorded music, or the use of music therapists.

A new Cochrane systematic review, headed by Dr. Joke Bradt, associate professor at Drexel University’s College of Nursing and Health Professions in Philadelphia, involved researchers who concentrated on trials with cancer patients who were offered music or music therapy.

They examined findings from 1,891 patients who participated in 30 trials – 13 with a trained music therapist and 17 with pre-recorded music. The results showed that music produced a remarkable decrease in anxiety based on clinical anxiety scores in comparison to those who had received standard treatments, and some showed improvement in mood and pain, according to the report. Additionally, smaller benefits had also been seen in heart and respiratory rates and blood pressure.

The findings advocate music interventions could be useful in patients with cancer as an alternative therapy, Dr. Bradt said in the report. There is also some evidence which shows that using music therapy along with conventional treatments can aide in decreasing pain and relieves nausea and vomiting from chemotherapy, the report stated.

Music therapy has also been used for Alzheimer patients at the Institute of Music and neurological Function at the Beth Abraham Family of Health Services in New York, to keep patients calm and aide them in improving memories, and Board Certified Music Therapist, Elizabeth Pociask, uses it for new patients to calm their infants, according to Allvoices.com

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