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Music to Raise Your Vibration

The Chinese character for medicine stems from the character for music – and here are a few picks to raise your vibration and decrease stress and anxiety.


Crystal Realms by Jill Mattson
Listen to the frequencies of uplifting flower essences and crystal healings to raise your vibrations and usher in positive emotions with musician and composer in the field of sound and color healing Jill Mattson. The music transports listeners to the crystal and fairy realms, and includes sounds from the water world, including whales, dolphins and giant turtles. www.amazon.com; $9.49 for mp3 or $24.51 for CD


Awakened Mind System 2.0 by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson
With only two tracks that are 30 minutes each, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, brainwave entrainment pioneer, created this musical soundtrack using inaudible pulses of sound along with ambient music to help people access the brainwaves of higher consciousness known as the awakened mind. www.amazon.com; $9.49 for mp3 or $11.98 for CD


Grace and Gratitude by Olivia Newton-John
Originally recorded when she was healing from breast cancer years ago, this audio CD features beautiful lyrics based on spiritual concepts, but also has musical interludes in between each track meant to heal the body. www.amazon.com; $9.49 for mp3 or $15.99 for CD


The Essential Snatam Kaur: Sacred Chants for Healing
Filled with her favorite and well-known songs for healing, strength and peace, Snatam Kaur – known in the tradition of Kundalini yoga – offers beautiful chants set to music and carried by her beautiful voice. www.amazon.com; $12.49 for mp3 or $17.98 for CD



The Essence by Deva Premal
The popular New Age musician Deva Premal includes the healing power of chants ad mantras, including The Gayatri Mantra to achieve success and happiness in life, there are eight tracks perfect to raise a person’s vibration and balance the mind and body. www.amazon.com; $9.49 for mp3 and $12.19 for CD

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