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Online Spiritual Comedy Festival Starts January 29

Standup comic, life coach and expert on spiritual comedy, Alicia Dattner, is bringing together comedians and spiritual teachers to share the humor and beauty of being a human being in the world’s first Online Spiritual Comedy Festival.

Taking place online from January 29 to March 7, 2013, it features more than a dozen comics and spiritual leaders including Kyle Cease, Wavy Gravy and Craig Shoemaker.

Participants can join in live on the Web or by telephone twice per week for as many shows as they would like – or listen to recordings available afterward for free.

For more information and to sign up for the festival, visit www.spiritualcomedyfestival.com.

One thought on “Online Spiritual Comedy Festival Starts January 29

  1. So how does one be a part of this. I am an author, spiritual teacher, & metaphysical comedian, which means my husband sees dead people, & I make fun of them. My husband, “Psychic Boy” a professional medium, hypnotherapist, past life regressionist, a paranormal overachiever, & I have a 2 hr metaphysical comedy/mediumship show w/parodies, among other spiritual events that we do.

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