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San Diego International Airport Opens Meditation Room

The San Diego International Airport joins other airports who have began offering relaxation and meditation areas to travelers by opening a new ‘Meditation Room’ in Terminal 2, FutureTravelExperience.com reported. For example, Helsinki Airport has a Relaxation Area and Chicago O’Hare has a Yoga Room.

The San Diego County Regional Aiport Authority refers to the nondenominational space as ‘The Spirit of Silence’ or ‘Reflection Room’ and it is located the new facility post-security. The new space, created by Seattle-based artist, Norie Sato, is a dedicated space for people to contemplate, meditate and pray away from the busy airport environment, the report stated.

Sato told NBC San Diego the space is meant to evoke “the undefinable and changing edge” between water and sky, which can be seen throughout the space with its use of color and design.


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