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Sharing the Love … of Dahn Yoga

A New York nurse named Mercy Tobin decided to try Dahn Yoga classes in 2005 to reduce stress from her job at the New York Harbor Healthcare System. After finding amazing benefits, both physically and emotionally, she knew she had to share it with others.

She became an instructor, and now teaches classes to her co-workers, as well as army veterans at nearby Fort Hamilton – and to show their appreciation, her students gave her a Certificate of Appreciation.

“My experience with Dahn Yoga has changed how I look at things and relate with others, including my patients, as if I can really feel for them. I learned to accept things as they are,” Tobin said in a press release from Dahn Yoga & Health Centers Inc.
Dahn Yoga is a dynamic mind-body practice originating in Korea. Classes combine stretching, flowing movement, deep breathing exercises and meditation. It is often taught alongside Tai Chi, QiGong and meditation classes.

Congratulations Mercy! For more information on Dahn Yoga, visit www.dahnyoga.com.

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