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Sonia Choquette Releases New Book: “Grace, Guidance and Gifts”

When struggling with certain circumstances in life, if we go within, we often realize we have disconnected from our Source, God or Spirit. In her newest book, “Grace, Guidance and Gifts: Sacred Blessings to Light Your Way,” Sonia Choquette offers a daily guide to reconnect.

The book and meditation CD, which features channeled 20-minute meditations, are meant to help “unite your soul with your Spirit,” and open us up to receive the blessings of spirit in (God’s) grace, (inner) guidance and (personal) gifts, Choquette explains in the book. They are also meant to help the reader establish a daily routine of connecting to Source and calling in the blessings available to them.

Specifically, the third blessing of “gifts” shows up in a few different ways, Choquette says. These are the strengths and talents we are born with; assistance and support of others; surprises, synchronicities and unexpected positive turns in events; and the gifts we share and give to others.

She offers daily readings that include a “Message From Spirit,” “Morning Prayer,” “Today’s Mantra,” and “Your Personal Blessing,” and recommends readers open the book randomly to see where Spirit directs them each day.

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