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Sonia Choquette’s New Online Course: Connect With Your Guides – Limited Time Offer

We all have spirit guides who help guide us through our life in this physical world – but have you ever wondered who they were and how to connect with them? In a new summer special course, best-selling author and teacher Sonia Choquette is offering the opportunity for you to do just that!

The “Ask Your Guides Online Course Connecting to Your Divine Support System,” course even includes a personal e-mail from Sonia giving you the name of one of your guides. The course is for five weeks and includes 35 videos, two never-before released 30-minute guided meditations and three printable prayers.

“Working with your spirit guides will take away confusion, save you wasted time and energy, direct you to your highest creative opportunities, guide you to prosperity and health, and bring a
sense of safety and peace to your heart and life,” Choquette says.

Check out Sonia in a video explaining the course and why she created it, and for more information on how to sign up.

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