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The Bionic Woman Lindsay Wagner Talks Meditation, Holistic Healing and Shifting Perspective

At age 19, actress Lindsay Wagner, best-known for her Emmy-award winning role as the Bionic Woman, a TV Show in the 1970s, came down with a severe case of ulcers, and thought her only way out was surgery. Then she was introduced to a doctor and minister who approached her condition in a holistic manner, and after six weeks of fasting, visualization and meditation, as well as prayer, the ulcers went away, according to a report by thestar.com.

“It was just such a profound experience for me that I wanted to learn more and it began a life of study for me,” the 63-year-old actress said in the interview. “My whole life I’ve been studying this. It’s been my real passion.”

She also explained a person’s perspective of a situation often causes more pain than the actual situation itself, and by shifting our perspective, we can make a big difference.

“Our experience of many life circumstances is a function of our personal perspective and not the circumstance itself,” Wagner said.

She teaches workshops around the world called “Quiet the Mind & Open the Heart,” which include the use of meditation.

“Quiet the Mind & Open the Heart is an opening to the peace and joy that is naturally within us,” she says on her Web site www.lindsaywagner.com. “The programs are designed to clear the way for people to become more aware of and release limiting thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and negative emotions that make up our perspectives.”

Wagner will be hosting a live conference call with guided meditations on Sunday, July 29, 2012.

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  1. Diana Daffner, Intimacy Retreats says:

    Oh yes, she is so right on! And in relationships, it is important to create shared perspectives.

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