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The Law of Attraction: Appreciating the Process of Contrast

When we think about manifesting our dreams, we often get stuck in the emotion of not having what we want. Instead of thinking about what we desire, we are looking at where we are, and we’re angry that we don’t already have what we want. We’re mad we don’t have the job, partner, money, health or whatever else we really, really crave.

What do we do when we are drowning in these emotions, stuck in self-pity, and wondering why the law of attraction is not working for us? We start appreciating the process of contrast.

The process of contrast actually allows us to know what we don’t want. It is then that we can clarify what it is we do want. Sometimes the lessons we learn firsthand are our most powerful lessons. Through our experiences we become very clear about what feels good to us and what doesn’t. We need this contrast to propel us forward.

The Power of Appreciation
We are made to expand, to grow and to seek different experiences. It is part of our nature. The power of appreciating this can change us.

  • Appreciate those who abandoned you for they taught you self-reliance.
  • Appreciate those who betrayed you for they taught you the potency of loyalty.
  • Appreciate those who rejected you for they taught you personal acceptance.
  • Appreciate those who showed you hatred for they have taught you the insight to love.
  • Appreciate those who gave you grief for they have taught you the beauty of joy.
  • Appreciate those who judged you as unworthy because they gave you the capacity to see value in others.

Think of something that happened to you that you believe caused you great harm. Now think of how that situation changed you and how it made you better.

What happens to many of us is we forget to appreciate the process of contrast. We forget the very thing we are experiencing is driving us forward and moving us a new direction. It is expanding who we are.

Many of you today would not be who you are without your contrast. The trick is learning to appreciate the moment of contrast while you are in it. Why? Because it gets you through the moment faster and puts your energy toward what is good.

Practice an Attitude of Gratitude
Do you know what an attitude of gratitude is? It’s where you raise your energy by saying all the things you are thankful for – a rampage of appreciation.

  • Thank you for the sunrise.
  • Thank you for my family.
  • Thank you for the rain.
  • Thank you for my shoes.
  • Thank you that I only have to live today once.
  • Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Who are you saying, “Thank you” too? To your higher power. To yourself. To your family. It doesn’t’ matter. What matters is that you are switching your vibration to a higher level.

When you move your vibration to a higher level, you feel better and you begin to look for the good things occurring. You turn your mind toward what is good and when you do this, you reach more solutions.

The next time you find yourself in a state of not having what you want, remember to appreciate the contrast. The contrast is allowing you to clarify, to define and discover what you truly desire. It is creating a better you.

Sherry Winn - The Law of AttractionSherry Winn is an author, EFT Practitioner, Certified Law of Attraction and Master Life Coach and a motivational speaker, whose topics include “Making the Impossible Possible,” “Loving Challenges,” and “Catching Your Dreams.” As a former elite athlete competing at the Olympic Games in 1984 and 1988 in the sport of team handball and head collegiate coach for 23 years, she possesses a deep passion for helping others become motivated to reach their highest levels of success.

Winn overcame her fears and limitations when she contracted chronic pain at the age of 33 and was told by 17 different medical professionals there was no answer. Through books, meditation, mentors and Webinars, she discovered the power of healing through positive thinking. 

To receive a free 50-minute Law of Attraction coaching session, or more information about Winn, she can be contacted by email at sherrymwinn@gmail.com, through her website at www.ucancreatesuccess.com or on Facebook.

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  1. Law of Attraction Believer says:

    Appreciation is so very important, and many people don’t realize it. Appreciating what you have is what you’re usually told, but I like the way you turned negative situations to positive ones. That helps on every level.

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