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The Secret Behind Many Law of Attraction Experts – The Master Key System

It’s been rumored that Microsoft’s Bill Gates read this book while attending Harvard University, and that it inspired him to drop out of school to start his own business. Many people who have used the law of attraction successfully, and have even gone on to write books about it themselves, including Napoleon Hill, started here. It is also the book that prompted the popular movie and book “The Secret.”

So what is it? “The Master Key System” by Charles F. Haanel, a man known by many as “The Father of Personal Development.”

Originally published around 1912, the book was first offered as a correspondence course of 24 lessons. Students would be delivered a new lesson each week for 24 weeks. Although it is available in one book today, it is still recommended that students take each lesson and master it before moving on to the next, spending at least a week reading and re-reading it.

“Every thought is said to become a material thing. Our desires are seed thoughts that have a tendency to sprout and grow and blossom and bear fruit. We are sowing these seeds every day. What shall the harvest be? Each of us today is the result of his past thinking. Later we shall be the result of what we are now thinking. We create our character, personality and environment by the thought which we originate, or entertain,” Haanel said in the book’s original introduction.

“Mental currents are as real as electric, magnetic or heat currents. We attract the currents with which we are in harmony – are we selecting those with which will be conductive to our success? This is the important question,” he said.

Whether you have  been curious about the law of attraction, have read about it and are still struggling to understand how to use it, or have already mastered it – this book is a must read!

And the best part is, it’s available for FREE as a PDF download at http://www.thefreemasterkey.com/. If you prefer hardcopy, it is also available for purchase at the site.

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