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VIDEO: Ellen DeGeneres Talks Meditation and More

Ellen DeGeneres is a best-selling author, comedian, talk show host and actress, whose television talk show has won more than 50 Emmy awards. Her third book, “Seriously … I’m Kidding,” is available now, and DeGeneres sat down with The Today Show to discuss it – along with meditation, yoga, happiness and more.

She also maintains a vegan blog to help others who are curious about the lifestyle – which includes how to start, recipes and more. And it was DeGeneres who recommended don Miguel Ruiz’s best-selling book “The Four Agreements” to Oprah Winfrey, who then picked it as one of her holiday gifts.

During the Today Show interview, she was asked about why she believes so many people relate to her, and how she feels about pushing boundaries. “If it costs me some viewers; if it costs me some money, I would rather talk about what I think is important than just be vanilla and try to be liked by everybody,” she said.

She also spoke about practicing yoga, and how she is now learning how to meditate. When asked what keeps her consistent in her practices, she said: “Because it feels good. It’s like how you have to shut your computer down sometimes when it goes crazy, so you just shut it down and then it’s ok again. That is what meditation does for me.”

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