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VIDEO: Goldie Hawn Talks Children and Meditation

Goldie Hawn recently appeared on ABC’s “Nightline” to speak about The Hawn Foundation, which develops programs to help children thrive and find happiness. One of its programs is called MindUp, which is helping kinds with mindfulness meditation, or what Hawn calls “brain breaks.”

“It’s not anything magical. It’s all biological and neurological,” Hawn told “Nightline” anchor Cynthia McFadden. “So let’s just take a breath and take a break. Teachers need it. Kids need it.”

Hawn, who meditates herself, also spoke about her new book, “10 Mindful Minutes,” which is meant to help parents and teachers work with their children. The MindUp program, which is now being used in hundreds of schools in the United Kingdom and United States,  suggests children should have two-minute moments of self-reflection and meditation three times each day to help them calm down and focus, the ABC report stated.

“You go inward for a while. It’s important to do that … it helps relax your brain and strengthen your brain,” she said in the Nightline interview. “It gives great context into behavior, emotions, ways of forgiving themselves by understanding their brain, reactivity, stress, how to reduce our stress, how to recognize it.”

Children are under pressure to perform well in school, and are over-worked and over-scheduled, Hawn explained in the interview. “An optimistic mind, an optimistic environment, actually opens the mind and helps children learn,” she said. “When they’re learning in a stressful environment, fearful environment, it shuts down their ability of their executive function.”

Additionally, Hawn’s advice to other parents  is to find those “10 minutes for yourself,” because the secret to raising happy children is to be happy.

“Children mirror who you are,” she said. “If you’re happy, if you show them smiles, if you show them good attitude, if you show them kindness, understanding, fun. … They just replicate it.”

See the whole interview in the video below!

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One thought on “VIDEO: Goldie Hawn Talks Children and Meditation

  1. I am so glad that Goldie created this program. There are way too many adults suffering from anxiety, including me. I only wish these programs were available when I went to school. Perhaps it would’ve created a different outcome in my life. Goldie’s program helps future adults learn how to deal with life and hopefully that will reduce the overwhelming problem with anxiety in our society.

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