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VIDEO: Joy Bauer Shares Four Natural Food Cures

Today Show nutritionist Joy Bauer shared a few of her favorite natural cures for common ailments to help with blood sugar, a cough, menstrual cramps and IBS symptoms.

With natural food remedies, there is not down side, Bauer explained in the MSNBC report. “You may as well try them. You can alleviate lousy symptoms you may be having,” she said.

1. Lower Blood Sugar – Vinegar, particularly for people with type 2 diabetes, can “blunt the rise in blood sugar,” if a person takes two to four teaspoons with or before a meal, Bauer said. The easiest way to do this is to mix it with olive oil and use it as a salad dressing or on a meal.

2. Control a Cough – Honey can help a child fall asleep when battling a cough, as it helps to coat and soothe the throat, and loosen mucus. For kids ages 1 to 6 (not recommended for children under 1) a half teaspoon 30 minutes before bedtime can help, Bauer noted. If a child is over 6, one or two teaspoons will help – and the same is true for adults.

3. Ease Menstrual Cramps – Bauer suggested chamomile tea to help women with menstrual cramps because “it elevates glycine in the body, which is an amino acid that squashes muscle spasms,” she said. “One to three cups a day during the menstrual cycle, and it’s caffeine-free so you don’t have to worry about it interrupting sleep.”

4. Irritable Bowl – Peppermint oil relaxes the muscles in the lining of the intestines, and taking peppermint capsules – one three times each day, 30 minutes before a meal – can make a difference, Bauer said.

See the video below for more information.

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