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VIDEO: Madonna Compares MDNA Tour to a Soul’s Journey From Darkness to Light

While in Italy on her 2012 MDNA tour, Madonna sat down with Joseph Videtti for Repubblica TV, comparing her show to the journey of the soul.

“I see my show as a journey – the journey of anyone’s soul … in order to get to light you have to go through darkness. So it’s a bit like Dante’s inferno. It’s a bit of a labyrinth. We start out in the darkness and by the end of the show its light, and celebration and joy.”

See her explain in the short video below:

One thought on “VIDEO: Madonna Compares MDNA Tour to a Soul’s Journey From Darkness to Light

  1. Madonna’s got an interesting way of looking at things especially with all the antics she pulls on stage but that being said there are a lot of celebrities who use their fame for good . DeVyne Stephens comes to mind; the guy’s a freaking master who has worked his way up from nothing to become the CEO of Upfront Megatainment. He’s worked with some of the best in the business from L.A. Reid to Usher, Alicia Keys and Ciara but what really stands out is his passion for giving back.
    DeVyne’s done some amazing work with the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, raising awareness about this disease that is so prevalent in the African American community. It afflicts 1 in every 500 African-American births yet few people know about it or how it affects the lives of people with the disease. DeVyne has been involved with the One Community One Cause Campaign designed to educate the public about the disease and help raise funding for research. DeVyne’s an example to follow and the hip hop world needs more like him. Follow the great work he does with the people at SCDAA at http://twitter.com/scdaaorg

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