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Tame the Chaos

Chaos Taming Books – Summer 2020




Learn to make space in your everyday routine for self-care with Getting Away: 75 Practices for Finding Balance in Our Always-On World,” by Jon Staff. With 75 easy practices you will discover how to slow down no matter what chaos is ensuing around you.


Find a bit of serenity in your busy life with Calm: Meditations and Inspirations by Mandala Publishing. Featuring 150 quotes quotes, inspirations and contemplations from writers, seekers and leaders including Marcus Aurelius, Thich Nhat Hanh and Oscar Wilde.



Do you have trouble sleeping, or just need help winding down after the day? Sleep Meditations: To Help Anxious Adults Drift Off, by Danielle North. With the audiobook version you will get to hear the meditations to help you slow down, relax and let go. Meditations include “Calling in Cleansing Energy,” “Cutting Threads,” and “You’re Ok, It’s Ok.”

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