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Deepak Chopra Radio Launches on BlogTalkRadio.com

Deepak Chopra launched a new online radio show called Deepak Chopra Radio on BlogTalkRadio.com in partnership with Cinchcast, an audio publishing and management platform. He will offer conversations on success, love, sexuality and relationships, well-being and spirituality.

“Cinchcast’s technology and the BlogTalkRadio network are enabling me to create my own media platform,” said Deepak Chopra. “The simplicity of broadcasting using only a phone enables me to bring together thought leaders from across the globe from the worlds of spirituality, science and politics to create and share a dialogue on today’s most important topics.”

Deepak Chopra Radio is available online now at BlogTalkRadio.com, DeepakChopra.com and on iTunes.


One thought on “Deepak Chopra Radio Launches on BlogTalkRadio.com

  1. To listen to Deepak, is to love Deepak! If the mystic masters of the ages were to send a spokes person to the modern cultures of the world, I believe they would have sent Deepak Chopra. And no I am not a payed butt kisser! I just stumbled upon this just posted good news and trying to do the first comment on this man justice. How did I do? Hey Deepak I am however available for hire to help you in anyway. The world needs the spiritual balance to the negative forces at play in the world today. Thanks for a new station that will give me a lift from the weight of the global issues at hand. Blessings David Benson

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