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Deepak Chopra’s Secrets of Meditation Software

Wild Divine, a company offering relaxation training products, released its newest software title, “Deepak Chopra’s Secrets of Meditation,” which works on both PC and MAC computers.

Using the Wild Divine system, the new program features exercises to teach individuals how to relax and more fully enjoy the benefits of improved meditation, according to the company.

The software platform and its interface, the IOM, is the world’s only Active Feedback system, allowing users to take part in interactive audio-visual presentations. Active Feedback picks up the physiological energy of your body through the IOM, a painless interface that attaches to three fingers. Individuals can learn to concentrate their mind and body on interactive exercises to achieve a higher state of mental control through relaxation.

By sitting motionless, using only the power of their mind, they will actually control elements on the screen.

“I have teamed up with Kyle Widner and Wild Divine to create an interactive software training program called Deepak Chopra’s Secrets of Meditation,” Chopra said in a released statement. “What is unique and exciting about this program is the IOM sensor feedback technology. About the size of an iPod, it combines with software on your computer to give you instant feedback on the changes in the level of stress, tension, or relaxation in your body.”

“Deepak Chopra’s Secrets of Meditation” features 20 full length guided practice videos and 10 inspirational videos. Each lesson is augmented by exercises that utilize Wild Divine’s IOM hardware, which connects via a standard USB port (and is purchased separately from the software). The IOM sensor measures skin conductivity, heart rate and breathing rate.

Packages are available starting at $299.95.

To learn more, watch this video: www.secretsofmeditationlaunch.com/learnmore, and you can sign up for the free Deepak Chopra video series at www.secretsofmeditationlaunch.com.

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