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GMO Inside Launches Petition Asking Starbucks to Serve Organic, GMO-Free Milk

GMO Inside, a campaign dedicated to helping Americans know which foods have GMO inside, and the non-GMO certified and organic certified alternatives to genetically engineered foods, started a public petition against coffee giant Starbucks, asking them to server organic, GMO-free milk at their locations.

On the GMO Inside website it states: “While not genetically modified themselves, dairy products are not immune to the insidious impacts of GMOs. Cows living in concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) are fed a grain diet comprised almost entirely of genetically modified corn, soy, alfalfa, and cotton seed. These crops degrade the quality of our land and water, perpetuate corporate-controlled agriculture, and have potentially negative health impacts on livestock. Additionally, the overuse of antibiotics in industrialized farming is contributing to the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, putting us all at risk.”

Starbucks already serves rBGH-free dairy, and used only USDA-certified organic soy milk, so GMO Inside is asking the company to set the same organic standard for dairy milk.

Sign the petition and email Starbucks CEO here.

Visit www.gmoinside.com/starbucks for more information, and to download a ticket to present to the cashier at your local Starbucks.

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