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Headspace Online Meditation to Hit the Corporate World

Headspace, an online and app-based meditation service with more than 2 million users, plans to release an enterprise product next year aimed at companies who want to provide mindfulness training to employees, CEO Sean Breker told The Huffington Post.

The Headspace app currently provides audio of guided meditation sessions and allows its users track their progress. It also includes animations and instructions explaining the science behind mindfulness and how meditation offers mental and physical benefits.

So far the company offered corporate packages on its app to a limited number of businesses and other institutions — including HuffPost. A yearly subscription runs $95, which is just under $8 per month. The company is now focused on launching the product to meet the needs — some uniquely requested already — of companies. It should be released at some point next year, according to Breker.

“We’ll only tackle that enterprise market when we feel like we have the resources to build out the product,” Brecker said in the report. “We’ll do it when the time is right, and we have the right product and we have the right team to build that product.”

For more on Headspace, visit www.headspace.com.

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