Zenify Premium Mindfulness Meditation App

Teaching users to live a more conscious and mindful life, Zenify Premium App offers a variety of mindfulness meditation exercises delivered to a smartphone. These assignments help users experience a heightened state of awareness in the present moment.

Throughout the day, users can choose chosen intervals for the Zenify app to chime with assignments to teach mindfulness meditation techniques. It allows one to take breaks throughout the day to return to the present moment and “strengthen the neuronal connections between the part of your brain responsible for consciousness and awareness (prefrontal cortex),” according to the app developers.

Suggested exercises take five minutes or less, and are relatively easy to complete. The app is available for iTunes and in the Google Play store for Android for $1.99.


VIDEO: 10% Happier: Meditation for Skeptics App

Correspondent for ABC News and the co-anchor for the weekend edition of Good Morning America, Dan Harris’ book “10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Actually Works,” chronicles his quest to make changes in his life after having a panic attack on the air. His route to stress relief was meditation.

In August, he launched a new app called “10% Happier: Meditation for Skeptics,” which offers a 2-week course teaching users how to meditate with Dan Haris and his meditation teacher Joseph Goldstein. It includes daily video lessons that teach meditation and mindfulness essentials, “without any woo-woo,” and guided audio meditations to walk listeners through the practice, and an actual coach from Change Collective.

It’s free to download in the Apple iTunes store, and after three days, users can purchase the course for $19.99. For those who don’t have an iPhone, the program is also available online here.

Each day there is a short video, a guided meditation, and people can exchange texts with their one-on-one coach from Change Collective, Harris explained on air during a GMA segment .

Watch the below video for more:

Headspace Online Meditation to Hit the Corporate World

Headspace, an online and app-based meditation service with more than 2 million users, plans to release an enterprise product next year aimed at companies who want to provide mindfulness training to employees, CEO Sean Breker told The Huffington Post.

The Headspace app currently provides audio of guided meditation sessions and allows its users track their progress. It also includes animations and instructions explaining the science behind mindfulness and how meditation offers mental and physical benefits.

So far the company offered corporate packages on its app to a limited number of businesses and other institutions — including HuffPost. A yearly subscription runs $95, which is just under $8 per month. The company is now focused on launching the product to meet the needs — some uniquely requested already — of companies. It should be released at some point next year, according to Breker.

“We’ll only tackle that enterprise market when we feel like we have the resources to build out the product,” Brecker said in the report. “We’ll do it when the time is right, and we have the right product and we have the right team to build that product.”

For more on Headspace, visit www.headspace.com.

Russell Simmons Launches Meditation App

Hip-hop mogul and bestselling author Russell Simmons introduced a new meditation iOS app called Meditation Made Simple as a follow-up to a book he released last year called “Success Through Stillness: Meditation Made Simple.”

Designed by Simmons, the app offers information about the benefits of meditation, information on how to meditate, and 10- and 20-minute guided meditation exercises. It also includes a vibration that can be used to calm the mind during meditation or before bed, according to the Huffington Post. Simmons learned about vibration mantras from his transcendental meditation teachers.

“The mantra has no meaning,” he told Huffington Post. “It’s just a vibration, and that really stuck with me as a tool. The mantra I give in the book and app is ‘rum,’ the sound of the calming vibration. It’s a simple vibration that you think, not say. You fasten your mind to it, and your mind may drift, but then you gently come back to it. The app is designed to remind you again and again to go back to the mantra.”

Simmons has shared how meditation changed his life in his books and interviews, including the cover story of Elevated Existence’s March 2011 issue, practicing for more than 18 years, and he even meditates with his children in the morning before they go to school.

“Being in the present moment is a simple, yet elusive idea,” he told Elevated Existence in the 2011 cover story. “People don’t understand that noise is the biggest distraction separating them from their goals. Being awake and being in the present is what allows people the freedom to attain their goals. That has to be step one before you start to chase the world. Go inside and then the world will come to you.”

Zen 180 Launches Meditation & Brain Enhancement App

Zen180 launched the free Zen180 App helping people get focused, creative, and handle everyday stresses of living. The app provides background audio to use while meditating, reading, studying, doing homework, or trying to relax, and features five different cognitive enhancing audio programs, including Focused, Creative, Awakened, Relaxed and Romantic Mind. The main audio Focused is a free track, and the other four are available for 99 cents each or $1.99 for all four.

The app uses exclusive 3D binaural beats to mimic the desired state of mind and help a person meditate on a deeper level with brain enhancement audio technology to augment the 5 natural brain wave patterns: Alpha, Beta, Delta, Theta and Gamma. Each track offers a time period (from 5 minutes to 30 minutes), and Zen180 recommends using stereo headphones, since the app will not work properly with regular speakers. The idea is to listen to the audio track with headphones while you trying to focus on a task or to meditate.

The Creative Mind track is meant to help creative people, such as writers and musicians, overcome the dreaded “writer’s block” or other creativity hang-ups and free the mind for new ideas and directions. The Awakened Mind track helps students, frequent travelers, workaholics, and party animals pep up after a red-eye flight or late night out so they are ready to work the next day. The Romantic Mind track will bring one closer to loved ones and the Relaxed Mind track can help completely relax and let go of problems when over-stressed. ”

For more information visit http://www.zen180.com/.

Deepak Chopra & Chopra Center Release New Ananda Meditation App

Deepak Chopra and Chopra Center Meditation released a new guided meditation app called Ananda – Living in Love, available in the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Users can mix and match 22 guided meditations with 22 musical tracks to create 484 unique meditation experiences, and can customize the length of the meditation practice and the balance between the music and meditation.

“If you were to ask me what the most important experience of my life has been, I would say it was learning to meditate,” said Deepak Chopra. “Meditation has been the key to my creativity, wellbeing and happiness. I have enjoyed it in my own life, and it continues to be one of the most powerful healing tools we teach at the Chopra Center.

One music and one meditation track in included when the app is downloaded, and an additional 22 music tracks are free of charge. Other meditations can be purchased within the app for $2.99, and sampled for 30 seconds each, or users can purchase all 21 additional meditations at the discounted price of $29.99.

The company said two more Ananda apps are planned for this year.