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June 2021 New Spiritual and Self-Help Book Picks

NOTE: Every month, bestselling author of “The Universe is Talking to You,” and founder of Elevated Existence, Tammy Mastroberte, chooses her picks for new books, audios and card decks in the spiritual and self-help field. None of these picks are sponsored or paid for — they are her honest picks that she shares with others!



“Chasing Failure: How Falling Short Sets You Up for Success,” by Ryan Leak
I love the idea that failure is actually a tool to help us move toward success, and I truly believe that, so that is why Ryan Leak’s book caught my attention. Through his journey of chasing the girl of his dreams to his NBA fantasy and his encounter with five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant, this book will help you remove every excuse for not pursuing the life you want to live.

He also talks about the science behind why people are afraid to fail (and I LOVE when science backs things up), and mixes in real-life stories and practical steps to help readers chase failure. As he says, “God promises to be with you always, even through the failure.”



“The Genius Zone: The Breakthrough Process to End Negative Thinking and Live in True Creativity,” by Gay Hendricks
Originally published as “The Joy of Genius,” this new edition has been updated and expanded throughout, and a great follow up to Gay Hendricks’ bestselling book, “The Big Leap.”

Hendricks introduces an exercise called the Genius Move, a simple, life-altering practice that allows readers to end negative thinking and thrive authentically. By using the Genius Move, readers will learn to spend more of their lives in their zone of genius―where creativity flows freely and they are actively pursuing the things that offer them fulfillment and satisfaction.



“The Good Morning Journal: 5-Minute Guided Reflections to Start Your Day with Inspiration, Purpose and a Plan,” by Molly Burford
I love starting my day with a guided journal, and this one definitely delivers. It’s filled with quick prompts to help you get focused and start your day, recognize what you want to accomplish and make a plan to achieve your goals. There are also motivating and inspiring quotes to encourage a positive mindset and get more accomplished.



“How to Think Bigger: And Go From Ordinary to Extraordinary,” by Mark Victor Hansen
Mark Victor Hansen, bestselling co-author of The Chicken Soup for the Soul series will show you how to  multiply, magnify and magnetize simple ideas and turn them into greatness.

His techniques will obliterate obstacles and reveal solutions. Readers will learn how to open the door to opportunities by identifying and valuing them; maximize natural abilities and true talents; use fear as fuel to launch into success; and defeat limitations by applying the “12 Strategies to Big Thinking.”



“Midnight Meditations: Calm Your Thoughts, Still Your Body and Return to Sleep,” by Courtney E. Ackerman
So many people struggle with sleep, especially waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep. This book offers 150 peaceful meditations to help a person relax and get back into restorative sleep, including calming racing thoughts.

It’s time to stop chasing sleep (and stressing out about it when you can’t), and trying a new approach to help welcome rest and fall back to sleep easily.



“Moon Power: Lunar Rituals for Connecting with Your Inner Goddess,” by Simone Butler
The moon not only has an effect on us whether we realize it or not, but its energy offers us a powerful tool to harness in our lives. This book helps us learn to connect with the feminine power of the moon, with each of the 12 chapters representing a moon sign. You will learn the basics of the moon phases, the meaning or new and full moons, and simple rituals to connect with moon power.

It also introduces a Goddess and Power Animal for each moon sign, and how to connect with this energy through activities and rituals during certain moon phases.



“Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success,” by Napoleon Hill
Bestselling author Napoleon Hill reveals the seven principles of good that allow us to triumph over obstacles . . . and find success.
I’ve been a student of Napoleon Hill for years and I love his work. He explains the power of creation in our lives so well, and so I’m always exploring new books and audios with his teachings. In this one, Hill digs deep to reveal how fear, procrastination, anger and jealousy prevent us from realizing our personal goals. He also reveals seven principles that can help one triumph over obstacles and find success in their lives.



“Shamanic Power Animals: Embracing the Teachings of Our Non-Human Friends,” by Don Jose Ruiz
In his new book, Toltec shaman don José Ruiz takes a deep dive into animal wisdom through the shamanistic viewpoint to demonstrate how we can incorporate its lessons into our daily lives. For example, ants demonstrate the power of teamwork, bears show us how to protect what is most important to us, and Eagles embody the value of clear vision.

In the first section of this book, Ruiz explains how power animals represent a path to our own personal power and provides a foundational understanding of the animal world based on the symbol of the medicine wheel and its association with the elements of earth, air, fire, and water.

The second section contains a power animal compendium covering over 200 animals. Each entry includes exercises, prayers, and chants for use in communicating and collaborating with these powerful allies on your own personal journey toward awareness and healing.

“Surrender: Break Free of the Past, Realize Your Power, Live Beyond Your Story,” by Nicky Clinch
Do you find yourself getting caught in the same negative patterns, the same emotional spirals, the same limiting stories? The truth is you can break free from the disempowering cycles blocking you from peace and joy and, most importantly, your freedom. The answer is already within you, and in this book, author Nicky Clinch will take you down the path of surrender, providing empowering guidance as you clear the way for your true self to emerge. You’ll experience a maturation process of letting go, self-love and rebirth, so that you can grow, heal and transform–and really start living the life you were born to live.

The book will share how to embrace authenticity, self-love and freedom through letting go; break free from self-defeating patterns and cycles of negativity; dissolve attachments to the stories keeping you stuck in the past; clear obstacles preventing your growth and destiny to thrive; and develop a more fulfilling relationship with yourself and all of life.


“Universal Human: Creating Authentic Power and the New Consciousness,” by Gary Zukav
Internationally acclaimed author and teacher, Gary Zukav, gives new tools to grow spiritually and shows how to transform everyday experiences of hopelessness, emptiness and pain into fulfillment, meaning and joy in his newest book. A new human consciousness is replacing the old human consciousness.

Authentic power—the alignment of the personality with soul—is replacing external power, the ability to manipulate and control. Zukav explains that the potential of a new era of humanity based on love instead of fear is upon us, but only we can bring it into being, and with this book he shows us how.


“The Way of Miracles: Accessing Your Superconsciousness,” by Mark Mincolla PhD
This new book is an adventure for the mind and spirit that begins with the premise that miracles don’t randomly happen—we create them! According to Mark Mincolla, PhD, developing our superconscious mind and recognizing the divine source that exists within each of us is what generates miracles.

A wholistic physician for more than three decades, Mark used his own techniques and learnings to cure himself of a life-threatening illness. In this book, he shares experiences, documented research and exercises that he provides his patients and uses himself to raise consciousness in order to cultivate the ability to heal and create miracles that have a lasting effect.


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