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Karen Abrams: Theta Healing and Relationships

Theta healing is a unique form of meditation where practitioners enter the “theta state” and are able to shift thoughts away from negative, limiting beliefs to more positive perspectives. It’s a process of healing that can free people from longstanding emotional burdens and even chronic or unhealthy physical conditions.

Karen Abrams, a master theta healer, certified instructor and relationship expert joined Elevated Existence Magazine founder, Tammy Mastroberte, to discuss theta healing and relationships as part of the Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Summit.

“Theta healing is a meditation that connects you to creator, God or source. When you connect with that Divine energy, your brain waves go into the theta state and that is what happens when we are falling asleep and just hitting that dream state,” Abrams explained on the live call. “When we go into the theta brainwave, we are able to access our subconscious mind, and that is really our store house for all of our experiences, beliefs and feelings.”

Our experiences, beliefs and feelings are stored in every cell of the body, and theta healing connects to Divine energy to help shift belief systems no longer working for a person, she noted. Beliefs such as, “I’m alone,” “No one will ever love me,” “No matter what I do it will never work out.” This energy also allows people to shift emotions and feelings.

“This is a huge, huge thing because when you can change a feeling you have had in your body for as long as you’ve known yourself, you can start bringing better things into your life,” Abrams explained.

People often change belief systems, heal trauma and resentments, forgive themselves and forgive others, and while sometimes the shifts are subtle, many receive immediate benefits as well.

“I always say with the subtle ones, it’s like pointing a cannon one degree west – you are going to hit a whole other town. So those subtle changes are going to bring big changes as time goes by, and the big changes will bring bigger changes,” Abrams explained. “Theta can do that for you.”

She became interested in theta healing when a friend of hers quickly began to experiences changes in her life for the better through theta, and Abrams signed up for a Basic Theta Healing class. After the three-day class, her life began to change as well.

“I had anxiety for six years where I was literally shaking every day,” she shared. “After a three-day course on Theta healing, for the first time in six years my body came out of fight or flight. I was in a depression when I started this work, and now my default is contentment. When something happens, I know I can always go back to contentment.”

Elements of a Healthy Relationship
During the live call, Abrams shared three important elements we need to bring into a relationship for it be healthy. They include worthiness, self-love and joy.

Worthiness – “If you don’t believe you deserve to be loved, then you won’t be, and that is what will show up because the person you attract will mostly likely feel the same way,” said Abrams. “Like attracts like, and in this work we talk about how you are really attracted to people who have the same negative belief systems you have because that reminds you of how you grew up.”

If our worthiness is not in a place where we feel we really deserve love, the person we attract is not going to feel that way about themselves either, and is not going to feel that way about us, she explained.

Self-love – “If you love yourself, you are most likely going to attract someone who is very similar to that, so it will be much easier to be able to communicate with them and move yourself forward in that relationship,” said Abrams. “If you don’t’ feel really great about yourself, you are not going to attract somebody who feels great about themselves.”

Joy – Joy is what makes everything better, said Abrams. We don’t need to be 100 percent joyful to have a healthy relationship, but we need to be able to receive joy and express it with a romantic partner and find it in the relationship.

“Sometimes people look for relationships or they run away from relationships because they are projecting their parents marriage onto it, so they stay away from relationships,” she noted. “But usually people who are afraid of relationships are afraid of bad relationships not good relationships, and that may be something they don’t realize.”

Relationships are Mirrors
Any time we are in a relationship – whether romantic or friendships – it is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves.

“You have to understand that if someone is mistreating you, there is probably somewhere in yourself that you are doing the same thing to yourself, and it’s important when those things happen to step back and say, ‘I can be angry with this person, and I should let this person know to make sure my boundaries are healthy.’ But the other side of it is to go back and say, ‘O.K., so where am I being neglectful with myself? Maybe I need to fix that.’ Then that behavior doesn’t tend to come out of the other person, and if it does, maybe you leave the relationship, or you draw lines because it’s just not acceptable anymore.”

Theta healing repairs our relationship to ourselves because we learn to forgive ourselves and gain God’s understanding of why we acted the way we did. It can heal traumas and resentment towards ourselves, as well as others in our life, and when this happens, the burdens we carry begin to get lighter.

“People burdened by the past or those with a very heavy childhood wear that on their back, and with theta you can lift it off and become lighter and more comfortable in your own skin,” said Abrams.

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