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New Yoga Nidra Meditation App – iRelax

We love apps for relaxation and meditation, and many of us at Elevated Existence have used them to slow down the mind and body at night just before we go to sleep. A new one available for the iPad and iPhone is called iRelax Meditation, which helps the listener enter into the state of yoga nidra or “yogi sleep.”

The app contains five sessions, ranging from a short 20-minute Woodland Journey to a 45-minute deeply relaxing journey called Body Awareness. There is also an Introduction track to help prepare the mind and body for the meditation, and a Return track will gently bring the listener back to their surroundings.

The Breath and Relaxation track will help listeners enter a relaxed state where they are aware of the breath, and can slow the pulse and clear the mind. And while the Body Awareness track is the “heart of Yoga Nidra,” according to the developers, taking the listener on a journey of awareness through the body and its energy points, the Woodland Journey offers a guided meditation to help listeners become aware of all their senses through a relaxing landscape in nature.

The app is available now via iTunes for only $0.99.

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