VIDEO: “44 Holistic Tips for Peaceful Sleep,” by Keri Nola

Do you struggle with getting a good night’s sleep? Is it hard for you to fall asleep, or stay asleep through the night? Maybe you sleep through the night, but always feel tired when you wake up in the morning.

In her new book, 44 Holistic Tips For Peaceful Sleep author and psychotherapist, Keri Nola, offers solutions for these issues and more.

Nola explains in the book how the majority of factors influencing our sleep are actually things we can control, and walks the reader through rituals to help the body and mind prepare for sleep. She also gives suggestions to create an environment to assist with rest, and takes the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual self into consideration.

“The body is a wonderful teacher because it can communicate to us when things in our lives are out of alignment,” she says in the book. “When struggling with quality sleep, before medicating the issue, I invite you to consider what your mind, body, and spirit may be trying to bring to your attention.”

In a recent video interview, Elevated Existence founder, Tammy Mastroberte, talked with Nola to discuss some of the tips people can use right away to make a difference in the quality of their sleep.

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