April 2021 New Spiritual and Self-Help Book Picks

NOTE: Every month, bestselling author of “The Universe is Talking to You,” and founder of Elevated Existence, Tammy Mastroberte, chooses her picks for new books, audios and card decks in the spiritual and self-help field. None of these picks are sponsored or paid for — they are her honest picks that she shares with others!

“Better Sleep, Better You: Your No-Stress Guide for Getting the Sleep You Need and the Life You Want,” by Frank Lipman MD and Neil Parikh
Sleep is so much more important than most people realize, and there are so many struggling with it. In his newest book, functional medicine doctor Dr. Frank Lipman teams up with Casper co-founder Neil Parikh to share how to fix your sleep schedule and improve your health.

Sleep deprivation has bigger consequences than one might think, ranging from irritability, brain fog, and weight gain to serious conditions like hormone dysregulation, heart disease, memory impairment, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. They explain the latest developments in sleep science and all the factors that affect sleep—including when and how you eat and exercise, how you handle stress, how you nap, and how you engage with technology. It also helps you create a personalized sleep protocol that works for your lifestyle and needs.


“The Desire Factor: How to Embrace Your Materialistic Nature to Reclaim Your Full Spiritual Potential,” by Christy Whitman
New York Times bestselling author Christy Whitman’s newest book offers the tools for you to manifest happiness, abundance, and success, and all starts with the force of desire. However, she explains true gift is not in acquiring our desires, but it is the people we become in the process of allowing our desires to move through us. The skills, the strengths, and the character traits we develop in the process of manifesting our desires stay with us always. This book shares the precise steps for bringing about the manifestation of any desire.



“Divine Masters, Ancient Wisdom: Activations to Connect with Universal Spiritual Guides,” by Kyle Gray
Known for his books on angels, bestselling author Kyle Gray new tools and wisdom to connect with the enlightened Ascended Masters, and receive their guidance, healing, protection and support on your spiritual path in his newest book.

Gray explains how Ascended Masters can bring healing to the Earth, the cosmos and your life. The Ascended Masters are enlightened souls who once walked the Earth (or other planets) and continue to offer their emotional intelligence and spiritual teachings to the world. You may already know some of them – Mary Magdalene, Buddha and Jesus – but did you know there are many more, and that they are here to support you on your spiritual path?

In this book, you will discover some you may not know, a short history of the masters and how they ascended for the greater good of humanity; how to call upon them and for what; what the Council of Light and Etheric Retreats are and how you can access their wisdom for healing, guidance and connection; and exercises and tools to help increase your awareness and raise your consciousness.


“The Full Spirit Workout: A Ten-Step System to Shed Your Self-Doubt, Strengthen Your Spiritual Core, and Create a Fun and Fulfilling Life,” by Kate Eckman
In The Full Spirit Workout, Kate Eckman draws from her multifaceted training (as an athlete, executive leadership coach, and meditation teacher) to offer a program to empower you to break through roadblock, such as mental and emotional baggage, insecurity, self-judgement and overwhelming stress and anxiety, so you can accomplish your goals.

It offers a workout with daily mind-body-spirit exercises and neuroscience-based practices that bolster resilience and inner strength, and builds in creativity, flexibility, and delight so that each “rep” feels less like work and more like play.


“Napoleon Hill’s Philosophy of Success: The 17 Original Lessons,” by Napoleon Hill
Napoleon Hill devoted his life to studying the question of what makes someone successful. After analyzing the success of more than 500 of the 20th century’s greatest achievers, his exhaustive research proved the essence of success lies within 17 principles that when used together serve as an infallible formula for achievement.

In this book, you will read these never before published lectures delivered to individuals who were being trained in his organization to teach his philosophy. Through this exclusive course authorized by the Napoleon Hill Foundation, you will learn how to acquire these 17 necessary skill: Definiteness of Purpose, The Mastermind Alliance, Meaning of Faith, Pleasing Personality, Going the Extra Mile•Personal Initiative, Self-Discipline, Imagination, Enthusiasm, A Positive Mental Attitude, Learning from Adversity, Accurate Thinking, Sound Physical Health, Controlled Attention, Budgeting Your Time, Cooperation and Cosmic Habit Force.


“Instinct: Rewire Your Brain with Science-Backed Solutions to Increase Productivity and Achieve Success,” by Rebecca Heiss
Evolutionary biologist Rebecca Heiss reveals the science behind our self-sabotaging behaviors that undermine our productivity, success, and happiness: instincts developed hundreds of thousands of years ago that are devastatingly mismatched to our current environments — and also offers simple, actionable techniques to redirect those instincts to work for us rather than against us.

The book explains that in every area of life, from business to relationships to health, we act on outdated instincts built to help us survive a world ruled by scarcity and danger. But in today’s world, those same instincts stop us from succeeding in the environment in which we actually live: a diverse world of abundant choices, and almost limitless connections.

Now evolutionary biologist Dr. Rebecca Heiss offers a new approach that harnesses the power of our instincts, and redirects them to work for us rather than against us. Dr. Heiss reveals the science behind our self-sabotaging behaviors, then provides simple, actionable techniques that can rebuild our instinctive minds.


“Quick Calm: Easy Meditation to Short-Circuit Stress Using Mindfulness and Neuroscience,” by Jennifer R. Wolkin
Do you ever feel like your stress levels are off the charts? You aren’t alone. But there are things you can do to stay grounded that don’t take a lot of time. This book is designed to fit into a person’s fast-paced lifestyle using mindfulness skill to destress and rewire the brain. And the daily practices can be done in just five minutes each day.



“Your Pocket Therapist: Quick Hacks for Dealing with Toxic People While Empowering Yourself,” by Dr. Sherrie Campbell
Learn quick hacks to deal with the toxic people in your life, while empowering yourself. Each devotional offer reads like an actual therapy session where it builds upon the strategies used to cope with toxic people. It is designed to bring you into a deeper and deeper understanding of the strategies being presented so they are second nature and easy to apply.

You will discover quick hacks to dealing with toxic people; practical empowerment strategies to deal with manipulation; simple mindsets that equips readers to know what to do and say in toxic relationships; practical steps to help readers find a way out of toxic ties and how to utilize withdrawal and silence as their superpowers when dealing with toxic people.

March 2021 New Spiritual and Self Help Book Picks

NOTE: Every month, bestselling author of “The Universe is Talking to You,” and founder of Elevated Existence, Tammy Mastroberte, chooses her picks for new books, audios and card decks in the spiritual and self-help field. None of these picks are sponsored or paid for — they are her honest picks that she shares with others!

“Becoming an Empowered Empath: Hot to Clear Energy, Set Boundaries and Embody Your Intuition,” by Wendy De Rosa
I know I’m an empath, and I know SO many people who are on a spiritual path identify as one as well, so I’m excited about this new book for those of us who tend to take on the energy of other people and places, including emotions.

In this new book, intuitive healer and teacher Wendy De Rosa will guide you step-by-step to help you understand your empathic nature; stop taking on other people’s energy; detoxify your subtle body, including your chakras and grounding cord; recognize and heal ancestral, familial, and personal traumas; and turn your oversensitivity into powerful intuition. You will find guided meditations, journaling exercises, and practices for energetic self-care to start embracing the gifts that come with an empathic nature.


“Crystal Prescriptions: Crystals for Prosperity – An A to Z Guide (Volume 8),” by Judy Hall
Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE crystals — and not just because they are pretty! They are powerful tools we can use to create change in our life, and in the newest book in the Crystal Prescriptions series, this volume introduces the core processes of harnessing crystals to manifest an abundant life, and release blocks to prosperity.

It examines karmic debts, ancestral and familial ingrained attitudes, and how to transmute them. The book will guide you to sense the energy of your crystals, choose the appropriate ones for you and work with them in an interactive process that generates inner security and a real sense of well-being. It even includes an A-Z crystal directory with sections on crystal tools, using specific layouts, and a prosperity crystals compendium.


“Go Big Now: 8 Essential Mindset Practices to Overcome Any Obstacle and Reach Your Goals,” by Julia Pimsleur
Mindset is the key to anything we want to change or create, so of course, I was attracted to this book, written by Julia Pimsleur based on the hundreds of high achievers she interviewed and worked with as a business coach. In this book, she distills two decades of studying complex mindset practices into eight essential “mindset keys” that can be used by anyone to get the Go Big Mindset and achieve ambitious professional and life goals. She also shares personal stories of how she used these keys to raise venture capital and build multimillion-dollar companies, and illustrates each key with an example from a leader, CEO, or celebrity whose mindset catapulted them to success. You’ll learn to reframe perceived setbacks, replace unhelpful thoughts and limiting beliefs with empowering ones, and stay motivated to pursue your big goal, even in the face of massive hurdles.


“The Law of Success: Napoleon Hill’s Writings on Personal Achievement, Wealth and Lasting Success,” by Napoleon Hill
I’m such a huge fan of Napoleon Hill, most known for his book “Think and Grow Rich,” but before that book, there was “The Law of Success,” an eight-volume series with his complete Science of Success philosophy. Originally published in 1928, this success system contains sixteen lessons on personal achievement, gleaned from interviews with and research on over 500 top performers from various industries and walks of life. This condensed version details the exact steps to harness the power of thought to turn dreams into reality. This is much more than a guide or roadmap; it is a total lifestyle makeover, with concrete resources for everyday application. If you are serious about becoming the best version of yourself in your field, your relationships, your health, and your finances, then you are ready for the original master class on success.


“Sensitive is the New Strong: The Power of Empaths in an Increasingly Harsh World,” by Anita Moorjani
It seems there are a lot of books out there today to help empaths, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect with everything going on in the world. The newest is by International speaker, cancer survivor, and author of “Dying to Be Me,” Anita Moorjani. In her newest book she teaches that it’s possible for empaths to use their ability as a powerful tool, offering solutions to navigate obstacles they may face and identify what makes them unique. She also teaches how to claim their true powers as empaths, to be their most authentic selves, shifting their own trajectory and leading to shift the trajectory of the planet in a more conscientious direction. It includes eye-opening personal anecdotes, insights from other empaths, meditations and self-affirming mantras to demonstrate the power of sensitivity.


“The Shaman’s Dream Oracle: A 64-Card Deck and Guidebook,” by Alberto Villoldo and Colette Baron-Reid
Colette Baron-Reid is one of my favorite oracle card deck creators out there today and she has a brand new one that she created with renowned authority on shamanic healing, Alberto Villoldo. The imagery and the insight in this oracle draw from the shamanic dream world of archetypes and magic and offer fresh, contemporary interpretations. It is meant to help you reveal how your dreamscapes guide you to co-create your world and manifest your most precious intentions.



“The Science of Mind: The Original 1926 Edition and Other Essential Works,” by Ernest Homes
Here is another old text I am fascinated by and can’t wait to read. This a collection of the most though-provoking works of Ernest Holmes, who was born in 1887 and the founder of Religious Science, a key part of the New Thought movement. He founded what would later come to be called the Centers for Spiritual Living which now exist across the nation and throughout the world. The Science of Mind faithfully reproduces the original text of Holmes’s books, preserving their original character and integrity. Included within this edition are three classic works: The Science of Mind, The Creative Mind, and The Creative Mind and Success.




“The Secrets of Mind Power: The Secrets of Success and Other Essential Works,” by William Walker Atkinson
Yet another one of what I call “the original teachers,” on mindset and success — William Walker Atkinson. Born in 1862, he became a pioneer of the New Thought movement and wrote prolifically throughout his lifetime, leaving a vast body of published material after his death in 1932. The Secrets of Mind Power is a treasury of 10 of his most powerful and innovative teachings combined in a single volume. The books are included in their entirety and are faithfully reproduced as they were originally published to preserve the impact of Atkinson’s work.




“The Path of Greatness: The Game of Life and How to Play It and Other Essential Works,” by Florence Scovel Shinn
Classic and old spiritual books are some of my favorite to read (I like old black and white movies too!) because I always like to read the wisdom of those who came before us and found keys to success and happiness. This new book features the teachings of Florence Scovel Shinn’s work and thought, and she was a key contributor to the New Thought movement in America. The Path of Greatness is composed of unedited, original editions of Shinn’s work, and includes The Game of Life and How to Play It (1925), Your Word is Your Wand (1928), The Secret Door to Success (1940), and The Power of the Spoken Word (1945).



“Unwinding Anxiety: New Science Shows How to Break the Cycles of Worry and Fear to Heal Your Mind,” Judson Brewer
In the past year, more people have developed anxiety than ever before with everything goin on in the world — and those who have had it have seen an increase of it as well. I love books and teachings based on science because we know that it works, in this book, author Judson Brewer explains how to uproot anxiety at its source using brain-based techniques and small hacks accessible to anyone.

Anxiety lives in a part of the brain that resists rational thought, so we get stuck in anxiety habit loops we can’t think our way out of or use willpower to overcome. Dr. Brewer teaches us to map our brains to discover our triggers, defuse them with the simple but powerful practice of curiosity, and to train our brains using mindfulness and other practices that his lab has proven can work. Distilling more than 20 years of research and hands-on work with thousands of patients, including Olympic athletes and coaches, and leaders in government and business, he offers a clear, solution-oriented program that anyone can use to feel better — no matter how anxious they feel.


“Your Brain is Always Listening: Tame the Hidden Dragons that Control Your Happiness, Habits and Hang-Ups,” by Dr. Daniel G. Amen
I’m always fascinated by the brain and how we can use it to create changes in our lives, and I’ve had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Daniel Amen in the past about his incredible work in this area. In this book, he shares how our brain is always listening and responding to hidden influences or “inner dragons,” and unless we recognize and deal with them, they can steal our happiness, spoil our relationships, and sabotage our health.

This book will teaches how to tame the dragons from the past that ignite painful emotions; negative though dragons fuel anxiety and depression; “they and them” dragons of people in your life whose own dragons do battle with yours; bad habit dragons the increase chances of being overweight, overwhelmed and an underachiever; addicted dragons that make you lose control of your health, wealth and relationships; and scheming dragons, who are the advertisers and social media sites stealing your attention.

Dr. Daniel Amen shows will show readers how to recognize harmful dragons and give us the weapons to vanquish them using practical tools so we can stop feeling sad, mad, nervous, or out of control, and start being happier, calmer, and more in control of our own destiny.

February 2021 New Spiritual and Self Help Book Picks

NOTE: Every month, bestselling author of “The Universe is Talking to You,” and founder of Elevated Existence, Tammy Mastroberte, chooses her picks for new books, audios and card decks in the spiritual and self-help field. None of these picks are sponsored or paid for — they are her honest picks that she shares with others!


“Energy Healing for Empaths: How to Protect Yourself from Energy Vampires, Honor Your Boundaries and Build Healthier Relationships,” by Lisa Campion
In today’s crazy world, understanding if you are an empath and highly sensitive is more important than ever so you can protect yourself and create a healthier life. We are ALL effected by the energy around us, but some of us more than others.

Energy healer and psychic trainer Lisa Campion created this book as a guide to help you cultivate the energy management skills you need to cope with energy vampires and narcissists, increase your own vitality, and fully embrace your unique gifts. She shares the three types of energy vampires, basic energy management skills, psychic self-defense and more!



“Four Gifts of the Highly Sensitive: Embrace the Science of Sensitivity, Heal Anxiety and Relationships and Connect Deeply with Your World,” by Courtney Marchesani
This is another great option for those of you who are sensitive and empathic! It utilizes the science of sensitivity to help you maximize your gifts of empath, intuition, vision, and expression, and is by integrative health coach Courtney Marchesani. It includes a sensitivity quiz to help you recognize where your strengths lie, and her Mind-Body Method to help you heal from the past and current trauma affecting your sensory processing, as well as employ coping skills to manage what can be an overwhelming onslaught of intense emotions and sensations.



“Good Morning Intentions: Sacred Rituals to Raise Your Vibration, Find Your Bliss, and Stay Energized All Day,” by Britt Deanda and Tara Schulenberg
I talk and teach about the importance of a morning ritual and have for years, so I love the focus of this book written by two yoga and meditation teachers and entrepreneurs. They share 21 rituals to help you make each morning really matter and set you up for daily success. It includes energy-boosting exercises, breathwork, simple meditations, and intention-setting practices, and I’m sure you will find something to add to your morning routine (or it will inspire you to start one!)



“High-Vibe Feng Shui: 11 Steps to Achieving Your Best Life,” by Ashley Cantley
The title of this book caught my attention because I love Feng Shui and when you add high vibe to it I feel like you can’t go wrong! This offers a fresh interpretation of the ancient art of Feng Shui by certified practitioner Ashley Cantley, who outlines an 11-step program to break down the foundational ideas and practices of Feng Shui. It includes guided exercises for creating intention, tapping into intuition, cleaning and decluttering, and balancing and enhancing energy in your home.




“How to Heal Yourself from Depression When No One Else Can: A Self-Guided Program to Stop Feeling Like Sh*t,” by Amy B. Scher
This book is the third in the series “How to Heal Yourself,” series by my go-to energy therapist Amy B. Scher and this one is focused on Depression — from feeling exhausted or blue to not being able to get out of bed.

Amy teaches depression is the literal depression of self and shares a proven approach of using energy therapy for releasing emotional stress and trauma to one of the most widespread mental health challenges of our time. You will learn how invisible emotions may be negatively affecting you, how to let go of the emotional baggage (even if you don’t know what it is!), how to use emotional healing techniques to clear stuck emotions and subconscious beliefs from the mind and body, get answers from your subconscious mind and so much more!


“In the FLO: Unlock Your Hormonal Advantage and Revolutionize Your Life,” by Alisa Vitti
I interviewed Alisa Vitti years ago when her book “WomenCode,” was first released, and I was excited to see she had a new book out! This book offers a “biohacking” program for women, teaching them how to use their natural 28-day cycle to optimize their time, diet, fitness, work, and relationships.

Women have an important biological rhythm they experience every month that affects productivity, weight, sex drive, energy, and mood, and it’s essential to be aware of and take care of this rhythm. This book offers a 4-week solution to manage your energy and time according to your female biochemistry, and includes a variety of tools including meal plans and recipes for each phase, charts for phase-specific exercise, work tasks and relationship activities, a daily planner and a toolkit to navigate period problems and hormonal birth control.


“Judy Hall’s Complete Crystal Workshop,” by Judy Hall
Crystal expert Judy Hall has a new book out that goes far beyond a typical reference guide and leads readers through the key ideas and concepts of using crystals with hands on exercises and rituals. The book features interactive exercises that help you to tailor the book to your needs, journaling sections for you to write down your own experiences, and a step-by-step learning program that guides you to revision work and more advanced exercises.



“Meditations and Affirmations: 64 Cards to Awaken Your Spirit,” by Deepak Chopra, M.D.
If you are a card deck lover, then check out this new one by bestselling author and spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra. He has been at the forefront of meditation in the West for 30 years, and this new deck lets you boost your meditation practice with meditation/affirmation cards featuring daily teachings from him. You’ll learn to cultivate a clear mind, heal the mind and body, and practice mindfulness in a completely unintimidating way. Each of the sixty-four cards has a meditation on one side and an affirmation on the other, both embellished with original three-color art.


“Stronger Than You Think: The 10 Blind Spots That Undermine Your Relationship . . . and How to See Past Them,” by Gary W. Lewandowski Jr., PhD
I am someone who is always looking to learn and improve different aspects of my life and that includes all relationships, so I love that this book shares 10 blind spots that could be undermining a relationship. Dr. Gary W. Lewandowski Jr. is a nationally recognized expert on the psychology of relationships and in his first book, he blends hot-off-the-press science with examples and stories. You will discover how men are the real romantics in heterosexual relationships, not women; the amount of sex you should have to keep your relationship strong (it’s lower than you think); it’s O.K. to be selfish, and so much more!




January 2021 New Spiritual and Self-Help Book Picks

NOTE: Every month, bestselling author of “The Universe is Talking to You,” and founder of Elevated Existence, Tammy Mastroberte, chooses her picks for new books, audios and card decks in the spiritual and self-help field. None of these picks are sponsored or paid for — they are her honest picks that she shares with others!



“100 Ways to Calm: Simple Activities to Help You Find Peace,” by Adams Media
I love books that break thing down into simple practices you can try out each day and decide which to adopt as part of a routine or just to add to your spiritual toolbox, and this is definitely one of them. It offers 1—activities, quotes, exercises and more to help you stay calm and find more peace in your everyday life!


“100 Ways to Happy: Simple Activities to Help You Live Joyfully,” by Adams Media
Another one of those books offering simple practices and this one is focused on happiness! The publisher pulled together 100 activities, quotes, exercises and more to help you tap into joy. From creating a vision board to a joyful mediation, this book will give you a lot of ideas of ways to bring more happiness into your life.


“The A to Z of Mindfulness: Simple Ways to Be More Present Every Day,” by Anna Barnes
Follow the alphabet to discover new mindfulness practices to help you get back to the present moment. [A]ppreciate the little things, [B]elieve in your personal power, [C]onnect with nature and more! It features interactive prompts and reflective activities, quotes and mantras provide the perfect dose of inspiration.


“Big Money Energy: How to Rule at Work, Dominate at Life and Make Millions,” by Ryan Serhant
This hit my radar because I’ve watched Million Dollar Listing NY on Bravo in the past – since I live in NJ and love watching things that take place in my area! Ryan Serhant is one of the real estate agents in the show and he has written other books and his social media is always encouraging people to live at their highest potential. This book is about what he calls “Big Money Energy,” which you get by being 100% committed to making your vision a reality, and that vision has to be BIG!

Ten years ago, Ryan, now a billion dollar broker was living paycheck-to-paycheck and didn’t even own a suit. He realized that while he couldn’t change his circumstances or the balance of his bank account, there was one thing he could change — his energy. The energy you give off impacts every area of your life, from how much money you earn and how much power you have, to who you socialize with and the jobs you get.

Determined to leave his low-rent lifestyle behind forever, Serhant took life-changing steps that resulted in his getting cast on television, graduating to seven-figure sales, and doubling his income every year for the next decade. He is now the CEO and Founder of SERHANT., a multi-dimensional real estate brokerage and media company, and averages a billion dollars in sales every year.

In Big Money Energy, Serhant shows readers how he tapped into his Big Money Energy to crush his goals and achieve huge success, earning his first million before he turned 30 years old. Whether you’re a self-made entrepreneur, a corporate executive or barista, Serhant will teach you how to climb the ladder to success better and faster than anyone else.


“Clean Mama’s Guide to a Peaceful Home: Effortless Systems and Joyful Rituals for a Calm, Cozy Home,” by Becky Rapinchuk
I don’t know about you, but I am always looking at how I can make my home more peaceful and calming to create a place of serenity, so when I saw this book, I knew I had to check it out! Becky is the creator of the popular cleaning website, Clean Mama and author of the book “Clean Mama’s Guide to a Healthy Home,” in this book she shares how to establish systems and rituals to transform your home into a clean, organized and comfortable space for you and your family. She walks readers through each room of the house, and the book features decision trees, checklists and more!


“Discover Your Dharma: A Vedic Guide to Finding Your Purpose,” by Sahara Rose
I was introduced to ayurvedic medicine years ago when I attended a Chopra Center Perfect Health retreat in New York City (I’m a Pitta-Vata) and I love how it can be used in so many facets of our life. In this book, bestselling ayurvedic author, Sahara Rose shares her unique approach to discovering your dharma or purpose through the Doshas (the Ayurvedic mind-body types) and the chakras (energy centers of the body). Readers will take the “What’s Your Dharma Archetype?” quiz and use their Dharma Blueprint to unlock the code of what they are meant to do next, in relationships, business, and every facet of life.


“The Fifth Phrase: The Next Ho’Oponopono and Zero Limits Healing Stage,” by Joe Vitale
I love Ho’oponopono as a clearing method and even talk about it in my book “The Universe is Talking to You.” Building on the wisdom of Ho’oponopono – a Hawaiian healing spirituality of profound wisdom and power based on four phrases, bestselling author Joe Vitale reveals the Fifth Phrase, and what he calls the most powerful healing and cleaning statement of all! He also shares new secrets, insights and methods for faster results, deeper awakening and more magic and miracles. The book will teach you the four phrases of Ho’oponopono; how to develop your own phrases; advanced clearing methods, higher-level healing philosophies, and the fifth phrase.


“Keep Sharp: Build a Better Brain at Any Age,” by Sanjay Gupta
I’ve been a neuroscience nerd for years! I’m fascinated by the brain, what it controls and how we can change it, so I’m excited about this new book by Neurosurgeon and CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta. He shareshow to keep your brain young, healthy and sharp with his science-driven guide to protecting the mind from decline, debunks common myths about aging and cognitive decline, explores whether there’s a “best” diet or exercise regimen for the brain, and explains whether it’s healthier to play video games that test memory and processing speed, or to engage in more social interaction. You will also discover what you can learn from “super-brained” people who are in their eighties and nineties with no signs of slowing down—and whether there are truly any benefits to drugs, supplements and vitamins.

He even addresses brain disease, particularly Alzheimer’s, answers all your questions about the signs and symptoms, and shows how to ward against it and stay healthy while caring for a partner in cognitive decline. He also provides you with a personalized 12-week program featuring practical strategies to strengthen your brain every day.


“Know Yourself, Know Your Money: Discover WHY You Handle Money the Way You Do, and WHAT to Do About It!” by Rachel Cruze
I’ve always been someone who wants to understand WHY I do the things I do, so the subtitle of this book grabbed me right away. Personal finance expert Rachel Cruze brings an all-new approach to the traditional money rules, and it all starts with your mindset and getting to the root of all of your decisions—your mind, your behaviors, and your beliefs— so you can change your money mindset for good.

You may already know how to make the right money decisions, BUT you probably still find yourself slipping into impulse purchases, dipping into savings, disagreeing on your budget with your spouse, and wondering “Why did I do that?!” If so, this book is for YOU. Rachel explains the psychology, strengths, and challenges that come with each of her brand-new Seven Money Tendencies, which are Saver or Spender; Nerd or Free Spirit; Experiences or Things; Quality or Quantity; Safety or Status; Abundance or Scarcity; and Planned Giving or Spontaneous Giving.

Along with discovering where you land on the scale of Seven Money Tendencies, this book also introduces new ways to understand how your parents, your fears, and your beliefs impact your money mindset. She covers which of the four childhood money classrooms shaped your personality; how the six core money fears can drive your most common money mistakes; and why you handle money the way you do and what to do about it.


“The Listening Path: The Creative Art of Attention,” by Julia Cameron
Julia Cameron is known for her book “The Artist’s Way,” and she is now releasing her newest, “The Listening Path,” which is a six-week guide to deeper, more profound listening and creativity. You will be given the tools to become a better listener―to the environment, the people around you, and yourself, heightening your attention to gain healing, insight, clarity – and most of all igniting creativity! Each week, she challenges you to expand your ability to listen in a new way, beginning by listening to the environment and culminating in learning to listen to silence.


December 2020 Spiritual and Self-Help Book Picks

NOTE: Every month, bestselling author of “The Universe is Talking to You,” and founder of Elevated Existence, Tammy Mastroberte, chooses her picks for new books, audios and card decks in the spiritual and self-help field. None of these picks are sponsored or paid for — they are her honest picks that she shares with others!

“101 Ways to Be Less Stressed: Simple Self-Care Strategies to Boost Your Mind, Mood, and Mental Health,” by Dr. Caroline Leaf
Bestselling author and neuroscientist Dr. Caroline Leaf helps readers change their life by changing their mind with 101 simple ways to reduce stress. With simple strategies for mental self-care, we can change the way we think and how we live our lives.

It is so important that we focus on mental self-care and reducing daily stress, since mental toughness and resilience will get us through difficult times and help us achieve success in every area of our lives. Using the incredible power of our minds, we can persist and grow in response to life’s challenges.

Badass Habits: Cultivate the Awareness, Boundaries, and Daily Upgrades You Need to Make Them Stick,” by Jen Sincero
New York Times bestselling author Jen Sincero gets to the core of transformation: habits–breaking, making, understanding, and sticking with them.

Badass Habits is a look at how our habits make us who we are, from the measly moments that happen in private to the resolutions we loudly broadcast (and, , often don’t keep) on social media. Habit busting and building goes way beyond becoming a dedicated flosser or never showing up late again–our habits reveal our unmet desires, the gaps in our boundaries, our level of self-awareness, and our unconscious beliefs and fears.

This new book includes interviews with people who’ve successfully strengthened their discipline backbones, new perspective on how to train our brains to become our best selves, and offers a simple, 21-day, step-by-step guide for ditching habits that don’t serve us and developing the habits we deem most important.


Breakup Bootcamp: The Science of Rewiring Your Heart,” by Amy Chan
Amy Chan hit rock bottom when she discovered that her boyfriend cheated on her. Although she was angry and broken-hearted, Chan soon came to realize that the breakup was the shakeup she needed to redirect her life. Instead of descending into darkness, she used the pain of the breakup as a bridge to self-actualization. She devoted herself to learning various healing modalities from the ancient to the scientific, and dived into the psychology of love. It worked. Fast forward years later, Amy completely transformed her life, her relationships and founded a breakup bootcamp helping countless women heal their hearts.

In this book, Chan directs her experience as a relationship columnist and as the creator of Renew Breakup Bootcamp into a practical, thoughtful guide to turning broken hearts into an opportunity to break out of complacency and destructive habits. Dubbed “the Chief Heart Hacker,” Amy Chan grounds her practical advice and tried and tested methods rooted in cutting-edge psychology and research, helping first her bootcamp attendees and now her readers most effectively heal and reclaim their self-love.


 “Daily Calm: 100 Daily Reminders to Help You Build a Mindfulness Habit,” by Padraig O’Morian
The Daily Bell is a mindfulness reminder – a sort of ‘thought of the day’ – that mindfulness expert Padraig O’Morain sends out to his 15,000 subscribers every morning, and he has done so for the last 5 years. Following on from the success of this, Padraig has compiled 100 brand new reminders and easy exercises into this new book. By picking up the book and dipping into the short exercises, readers will learn to integrate mindfulness into your life, improve personal resilience and build up a regular mindfulness habit.

“Divine Abundance Oracle Cards: A 52-Card Deck,” by Tosha Silver
From the author of “Outrageous Openness” and “It’s Not Your Money,” comes a new oracle card deck that helps readers put her teachings into practice.

Tosha Silver’s message about money is counterintuitive, fresh, and different from the norm. So many people push toward their goals, chase the means to meet their needs, and yearn for an ever-elusive feeling of security. Fear and worry are constant. Tosha takes a radical new approach: offer those desperate wishes and financial fears directly to Love, to the Divine itself–whatever that means to you. The result can bring freedom, spaciousness, and yes, even a sense of security unavailable any other way. Aligning with Divine Source as the foundation of All is the key.

Drawing inspiration from her book “It’s Not Your Money,” this deck contains 52 quotes that will help readers reflect on their relationship to money, career, and abundance.


“Happiness Becomes You: A Guide to Changing Your Life for Good,” by Tina Turner
Tina Turner’s new book is deeply personal and inspiring revealing the wisdom behind her journey to joy, while providing a practical guide to finding happiness in one’s own life. She shows how anyone can overcome obstacles in life–even transform the impossible to possible–and fulfill our dreams. She shows how we, too, can improve our lives, empowering us with spiritual tools and sage advice to enrich our unique paths. She illuminates the practical principles of Buddhism and how they have helped her elevate from despair, adversity, and poverty to joy, stability and prosperity.


“Happy Habits: 50 Science-Backed Rituals to Adopt (or Stop) to Boost Health and Happiness,” by Karen Salmansohn
Forming new habits can improve your mood and invigorate your daily routine, but we have to figure out which ones to adopt or drop. How can we successfully create habits—and what new habits will actually increase our happiness and fulfillment?

“Happy Habits” presents 50 habits that span body, mind, relationships, work, home and play. Salmansohn shares the tools we need to master fundamental habits (daily meditation; practicing gratitude), surprising happiness-boosting techniques (crying regularly; strategic complaining), and tips for easily incorporating new habits into your daily life. Filled with fascinating studies and simple rituals, this illustrated guide offers fun, accessible ways to uplift your life.


“Hard Work for Breakfast: How to Make It and Make It Look Easy,” Nick Cannon
Part biography, part philosophy, part inspiration, and all comedy, “Hard Work for Breakfast” shares the so-crazy-they-must-be-true stories from Nick Cannon’s remarkable life, from being bullied on the school yard as a skinny, nerdy kid in the projects to making millions of dollars right out of high school (with zero experience!), becoming the youngest CEO in television history, attracting millions of loyal followers, and marrying one of the most famous women in the world—all the while expanding his brand and media empire at warp speed with no end in sight.

Revealing a touching and hilarious look into his family life with Mariah Carey and their twins, Nick also gives us a fascinating glimpse behind the curtain of modern celebrity and entertainment with equal doses of wit, candor, and self-deprecation. From style, to sex, to business, to managing setbacks and obstacles, to his next adventure—becoming a billionaire by forty—Nick offers a powerful message about life, success, and “having it all.”


“It’s Never Too Late: Make the Next Act of Your Life the Best Act of Your Life,” by Kathie Lee Gifford
When Kathie Lee Gifford stepped down as cohost of the fourth hour of the Today show with Hoda Kotb, you might have thought her best days were behind her. It turns out, she was just getting started. As Kathie Lee says, “I’m not retiring; I’m refiring!”

Taking us from her Chesapeake Bay childhood when she first heard God’s calling, to her skyrocketing fame with Regis, to her decision to leave television for Nashville, Kathie Lee inspires us to pursue what really matters. Because it’s never too late to forgive, to dance the cha-cha, or to make a difference in the world.

God placed His dreams in your heart for a reason. And like Kathie Lee, you might just discover the best is yet to come. Whether you’re an empty nester, newly single, navigating a career change, or just eager for any change, Kathie Lee helps you hear God’s loving calling because It’s Never Too Late to . . .

  • Begin Again
  • Make Sparks Fly
  • Leave a Good Thing
  • Have a Party
  • Change the Ending, Then Change It Again


“Lessons on Success: 17 Principles of Personal Achievement Through Action and Attitude,” by Napoleon Hill
Napoleon Hill’s 17 Essential Principles of Personal Achievement have served as an encouraging and illuminating guide for those seeking to improve all areas of their lives for more than half a century. In this new book, readers will get keyed into Hill’s distinct thought process—this is THE complete and unabridged mind-power method for achieving your goals.

After interviewing dozens of industrialists, diplomats, thought leaders, and people who are at the top of their game, Hill distilled what he learned and converted his study into seventeen core lessons that will set you up for success in every facet of your life.


“Living Your Dreams: Your Personal Success Program,” by Mark Victor Hansen
Discover the proven concepts, powerful skills, easy-to-use techniques and step-by-step action items needed to define your dreams and live them―whatever they are from bestselling author Mark Victor Hansen.

No one knows more about how to live their dream than Mark Victor Hansen. He achieved his success when he was well into his 40s―knowing that dreams don’t have deadlines. After reading this inspiring book, you’ll know it too!

Now a sought-after dynamic keynote speaker and entrepreneurial marketing maven, Mark has spoken to over 6,000 audiences worldwide and is best known as the co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and brand setting world records with over 500 million books sold.

With a guidebook and a personal goal planner, readers will learn:

  • Believe It to Achieve It
  • Positive Self-Talk
  • How to Turn Problems into Opportunities
  • The Fundamental Secrets of Prosperity
  • How to Gain Financial Freedom
  • To Create a Dream Team
  • Achieve Total Well-Being
  • Develop a Winning Spirit
  • 10 Instant Steps to Success


“Mindfulness Workbook for Stress Relief: Reduce Stress Through Meditation, Non-Judgement, Mind-Body Awareness and Self-Inquiry,” by April Snow LMFT
Ease stress and achieve balance through the healing power of mindfulness — a powerful and proven method for reducing stress and its negative health effects. This Workbook shows you how to relieve tension and find calm using soothing, restorative techniques like meditation, non-judgment, self-inquiry, and mind-body awareness.

Featuring helpful exercises and simple meditations, this hands-on stress management workbook delivers a wide variety of effective mindfulness tools that you can add to your self-care toolbox like breath awareness, body scans, mindful walking, and more.

It includes:

  • A beginner-friendly focus that covers a spectrum of everyday situations and science-based solutions.
  • Engaging mindfulness-based exercises that are proven to help relieve stress, anxiety, chronic pain, and sleep issues.
  • How to address stress triggers in many areas of daily life like relationships, at work, and beyond.


“Release: Create a Clutter Free and Soul Driven Life,” by Peggy Fitzsimmons
Most of us are overwhelmed by stuff that is not essential to our lives and is out of alignment with our true spiritual nature. Although our souls are inherently free, we also have an ego mind that orients us toward fear, scarcity, self-preservation, and holding on. With the ego mind in the driver’s seat of our lives, we accumulate clutter. Physical clutter is the most obvious, but we are also burdened with mental, emotional, energetic, and relationship clutter.

All forms of clutter reflect the same thing; a soul not being true to itself. This book provides practical strategies to release clutter in your inner and outer environments and create a more soul-directed life. It introduces the skills of presence, mindfulness, resonance, and inspired action to put you on the road to freedom; free to live with only the things that help you share your love with the world in your unique ways.


“Take Care of Your Type: An Enneagram Guide to Self-Care,” by Christina S. Wilcox
Discover the self-care tips specifically designed for your Enneagram type from popular Enneagram expert Christina S. Wilcox. Many of us have used the Enneagram of Personality to understand ourselves on a profoundly intimate level. But despite what our Enneagram type reveals, it’s not always easy to know the best ways to take care of ourselves according to our unique personalities.

In this book, Christina uses her knowledge of the Enneagram to illuminate how each of the nine Enneagram types can practice better self-care. Answering questions ranging from “What is the best morning routine for my type?” to “What boundaries are important to set based on my individual personality traits?” this handy guide filled with beautiful color illustrations will help you re-center and reconnect with yourself amid the stress of daily life and will leave you feeling happier and healthier in mind, body, and spirit.


November 2020 Self-Help and Spiritual Book Picks

NOTE: Every month, bestselling author and founder of Elevated Existence, Tammy Mastroberte, chooses her picks for new books, audios and card decks in the spiritual and self-help field. None of these picks are sponsored or paid for — they are her honest picks that she shares with others!

“Andrew Carnegie’s Mental Dynamite: How to Unlock the Awesome Power of You,” by Napoleon Hill, Don Green and More
Based on a series of booklets written by bestselling motivational writer Napoleon Hill, Andrew Carnegie’s Mental Dynamite outlines the importance of three essential principles of success: self-discipline, learning from defeat, and the Golden Rule applied.

In 1908, Napoleon Hill met industrialist Andrew Carnegie for what he believed would be a short interview for an article. Instead, Carnegie spent hours detailing his principles of success and challenged Hill to devote 20 years to collating a proven formula that would propel people of all backgrounds to happiness, harmony, and prosperity. Hill accepted the challenge, which he distilled in the perennial bestseller Think and Grow Rich. Now, more than a century later, the Napoleon Hill Founda

tion is releasing this epic conversation to remind people that there are simple solutions to the problems troubling us most, everything from relationships and education to homelessness and even democracy.


“Empty Out the Negative: Make Room for More Joy, Greater Confidence and New Levels of Influence,” by Joel Osteen
Release the negative thoughts and feelings that are weighing you down and make room for the good things you should have in your life with #1 New York Times bestselling author Joel Osteen. You were created to be filled with joy, peace, confidence, and creativity. But it’s easy to go through life holding on to things that weigh you down-guilt, resentment, doubt, worry.

When you give space to these negative emotions, they take up space that you need for the good things that move you toward your destiny. Osteen shares how every morning you have to empty out anything negative from the day before and put on a fresh new attitude. Power up and get your mind going in the right direction, and you’ll step into all the new things God has in store for you.

“The Greatest Secret,” by Rhonda Byrne
From Rhonda Byrne, the author of the worldwide phenomenon The Secret, this new book is a quantum leap that will take the reader beyond the material world and into the spiritual realm, where all possibilities exist. It included wisdom from spiritual teachers from around the world, past and present who discovered the greatest secret; healing practices that can be put to use immediately to dissolve fears, uncertainty, anxiety and pain; the ultimate key to end suffering and discover lasting happiness, and more.


“Grow Rich with the Power of Your Subconscious Mind,” by Joseph Murphy
From the renowned bestselling author of “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind,” this is an authorized collection of writings that unlock the secret to extraordinary success that lies within each of us — focused on prosperity and the simple yet powerful ways we can focus our attention and beliefs to achieve life goals, obtain riches, and live the life of our dreams.

It includes original writings, including some that have never been published in book form, along with modern-day updates, examples, and insights for the contemporary reader. It goes beyond what we’ve already heard about the Law of Attraction and the power of positive thinking to reveal the ability that each of us has to manifest remarkable change in our lives.


“Messages of Grace: 111 Notes of Love and Guidance from Your Angels,” by Anna Grace Taylor
Do you ever wish you could feel more connected to your Angels? Are you in need of some Divine guidance, clarity and peace?

This book is filled with loving messages to help you navigate all aspects of life: your purpose, relationships, sensitivity and so much more — intended to be your oracle, companion and confidant, and includes space for your own journaling throughout.



“The Mindflow Method: How You Can Achieve Anything by Not-Wanting and Not-Doing,” by Tom Moegele
The MindFlow Method is meant to help people overcome anxiety, combat stress, and tackle emotional blocks, thereby releasing an infinite source of life energy. Through a powerful yet simple combination of movements, you can trigger energy shifts and reconnect to the natural flow of life.

The MindFlow Method uses movements similar to Qigong to tap into the energy field within and around us, bringing us to a higher state of consciousness (the G4 state) where our bodies release ‘happy’ hormones that help us relax. In this state, we can harness any toxic energy that comes our way and use it as our own strength. This brings us into alignment with our own inner power, calm in the knowledge that we are connected to life energy. This method and book will teach you how to release your resistance to challenges, raise your energy level, and move into a state of flow and deep inner peace.


“The Mindfulness Journal: Exercises to Help You Find Peace and Calm Wherever You Are,” by Corinne Sweet
The simple, calming exercises in this guided journal will help you stay mindful and centered despite the uncertainty of modern life. It offers an introduction to mindfulness and easy exercises that can be done whether you are sitting at your desk or standing in line at the supermarket.

Subjects include dealing with difficult emotions, preparing for a busy day, and sharing your space with others mindfully.


“My Pocket Self-Care: Anytime Activities to Refresh Your Mind, Body and Spirit,” by Adams Media
Filled with 150 activities to help you feel refreshed, refilled, and refocused every day. This allows you to focus on your own personal needs wherever you are — at home, at work, or on the go. From making your own facial cream to creating a mission statement to soaking in the moonlight and celebrating an unbirthday, there are so many enjoyable ways to reconnect with yourself.



“Pocket Therapy for Stress: Quick Mind-Body Skills to Find Peace,” by Clair Michaels Wheeler MD, PhD.
Drawing on the book, “10 Simple Solutions to Stress,” this on-the-go pocket guide offers simple, evidence-based strategies for coping with stress and overwhelm.

Grounded in positive psychology, mind-body medicine, and cognitive behavioral therapy, the 10 simple but effective strategies in this book are a powerful antidote to stress.



“The Soul-Sourced Entrepreneur: An Unconventional Success Plan for the Highly Creative, Secretly Sensitive, and Wildly Ambitious,” by Christine Kane
Can you succeed in business when your strength is more about sensitivity than swagger? If you’re moved by meaning, more than manipulation? A former songwriter and performer, and then founder of Uplevel YOU—a multi-million-dollar business coaching company—Christine Kane shows a new class of entrepreneurs another way.

Readers will learn how to toss out ineffective, old-school goal-setting models; reframe intuition and sensitivity as valuable assets; examine old patterns for clues into what is holding you back; clean up spaces and distractions draining energy and power; break free from fear-based decision making and more.


“Wake Up Grateful: The Transformative Practice of Taking Nothing for Granted,” by Kristi Nelson
Author Kristi Nelson, executive director of A Network for Grateful Living, unlocks the path to recognizing abundance in every moment, and gives readers the tools to bring this transformational shift in perspective into their daily lives. She goes beyond the proverbial question of whether the glass is half full or half empty, and encourages readers to awaken to the gift of having a glass at all. It includes questions for reflection, daily exercises, and perspective prompts for appreciating the fullness of life as it is, right now, and promises personal change through the practice of taking nothing for granted.


“Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times,” by Katherine May
Sometimes you slip through the cracks: unforeseen circumstances like an abrupt illness, the death of a loved one, a break up, or a job loss can derail a life. These periods of dislocation can be lonely and unexpected. For Katherine May, her husband fell ill, her son stopped attending school, and her own medical issues led her to leave a demanding job. This book explores how she not only endured this painful time, but embraced the singular opportunities it offered.

May’s story offers instruction on the transformative power of rest and retreat and invites readers to change how we relate to our own fallow times. May models an active acceptance of sadness and finds nourishment in deep retreat, joy in the hushed beauty of winter, and encouragement in understanding life as cyclical, not linear.