Drink Good Vibes

Whether it’s a crystal or gemstone, or words on a container, we can consciously raise the vibration of what we drink! Here are some options for you to consider!

The Lotus Glass Tea Tumbler & Strainer
This double-walled, glass tea infuser features “Listen to your soul,” in writing on it, with an etched lotus flower, and can be used for fruit infusions, coffee, water and more. www.amazon.com; $27.99



Glacce Crystal Water Bottles
Choose from clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, smoky quarta and black obsidian removable crystals in these glass and stainless steel bottles. Each holds approximately 18 ounces of water and is intended for use with water. www.glacce.com; $80



Gem Water Crystal Straws
Infuse your drink with the high vibration of crystals with these stainless steel straws. Available in amethyst, rose quartz and clear quartz, there is also a choice of rose gold, silver or yellow gold straws, and each comes with a microfiber bag and cleaning brush. www.gem-water.com; $40.



Hasana Energy Crystal Water Bottle
Bring positive energy and love to your drinks using rose quartz crystals in this glass bottle that are actually separate from the water. You can also swap out the crystals and use whatever you would like each day. www.amazon.com; $69.97.



Wellness VitaJuwel Gemwater Decanters
This set incudes an Era glass Decanter, with a stainless steel lid, plus and original VitaJuwel Gemstone Vial. The Wellness option pictured here includes amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz. Other options include Love, Balance, Fitness, Five Elements, Vitality and more. www.vitajuwel.us; $148 – $258.

Music to Raise Your Vibration

The Chinese character for medicine stems from the character for music – and here are a few picks to raise your vibration and decrease stress and anxiety.


Crystal Realms by Jill Mattson
Listen to the frequencies of uplifting flower essences and crystal healings to raise your vibrations and usher in positive emotions with musician and composer in the field of sound and color healing Jill Mattson. The music transports listeners to the crystal and fairy realms, and includes sounds from the water world, including whales, dolphins and giant turtles. www.amazon.com; $9.49 for mp3 or $24.51 for CD


Awakened Mind System 2.0 by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson
With only two tracks that are 30 minutes each, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, brainwave entrainment pioneer, created this musical soundtrack using inaudible pulses of sound along with ambient music to help people access the brainwaves of higher consciousness known as the awakened mind. www.amazon.com; $9.49 for mp3 or $11.98 for CD


Grace and Gratitude by Olivia Newton-John
Originally recorded when she was healing from breast cancer years ago, this audio CD features beautiful lyrics based on spiritual concepts, but also has musical interludes in between each track meant to heal the body. www.amazon.com; $9.49 for mp3 or $15.99 for CD


The Essential Snatam Kaur: Sacred Chants for Healing
Filled with her favorite and well-known songs for healing, strength and peace, Snatam Kaur – known in the tradition of Kundalini yoga – offers beautiful chants set to music and carried by her beautiful voice. www.amazon.com; $12.49 for mp3 or $17.98 for CD



The Essence by Deva Premal
The popular New Age musician Deva Premal includes the healing power of chants ad mantras, including The Gayatri Mantra to achieve success and happiness in life, there are eight tracks perfect to raise a person’s vibration and balance the mind and body. www.amazon.com; $9.49 for mp3 and $12.19 for CD

The Crown Chakra Reset

When it comes to taming chaos, getting yourself grounded and shutting off the energy flowing in from the outside can do wonders. The crown chakra not only links us to the Universe, Spirit and higher realms, but it blends energy from the physical realm of everyday life well. When it becomes overactive, a person can feel flighty, anxious and overwhelmed. But there is a quick way to rest it and it’s called the Crown Chakra Reset.

Step 1: Place your hand (dominant hand) over the top of your head to temporarily block out any external stimulation and energy.

Step 2: Close your eyes and gently breathe in and out as you relax your body and ground yourself in the present moment.

Step 3: When you feel more centered, open your eyes and release your hand.

As a bonus to this, you can also inhale a grounding essential oil – either a blend or singular oil such as Frankincense – and/or hold a grounding crystal in your other hand such as black tourmaline or hematite.

Chaos Taming Books – Summer 2020




Learn to make space in your everyday routine for self-care with Getting Away: 75 Practices for Finding Balance in Our Always-On World,” by Jon Staff. With 75 easy practices you will discover how to slow down no matter what chaos is ensuing around you.


Find a bit of serenity in your busy life with Calm: Meditations and Inspirations by Mandala Publishing. Featuring 150 quotes quotes, inspirations and contemplations from writers, seekers and leaders including Marcus Aurelius, Thich Nhat Hanh and Oscar Wilde.



Do you have trouble sleeping, or just need help winding down after the day? Sleep Meditations: To Help Anxious Adults Drift Off, by Danielle North. With the audiobook version you will get to hear the meditations to help you slow down, relax and let go. Meditations include “Calling in Cleansing Energy,” “Cutting Threads,” and “You’re Ok, It’s Ok.”

Tammy’s Spring 2020 Picks

Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Intensive Hand Cream
Made with 100 percent pure argan oil that is whipped into a creamy butter, as well as shea butter, olive fruit extract and coconut oil, this all-natural hand cream is available in unscented, vanilla bean and vanilla apricot (my favorite)! There is also a vanilla pear scent I recently tried and it’s amazing. For the scented options, the company uses flower extracts and natural oils instead of synthetic ingredients. www.josiemarancosmetics.com; $22 for 2.37 ounces.


Saje Natural Wellness Sleep Routine Kit
I bought this kit around the holidays, and now it is part of my nighttime routine every night! I don’t use the mask to be honest, but the sleep well oil blend has essential oils of lavender, roman chamomile, vetiver and valerian. I use the roll on under my feet at night, and then I spray on spritz of the Tranquility spray on my chest and neck area — which has lavender, ylang ylang, orange, marjoram and vanilla absolute. www.saje.com; $30.


Barefoot Dreams Cozychic So-Cal Cardi
I know this is an expense, but I swear it’s worth saving for and owning at least one thing from Barefoot Dreams because all of their fabrics are soft, cozy and amazing. One of my favorites is their Cozychic fabric that you can get as a throw as well as this cardigan, which is available in a variety of colors, including almond, rosewood and ash. It’s warm, soft and you will never want to take it off! Also, check different websites because they do go on sale! www.barefootdreams.com; $134.


Life Is Good Butterfly Coin Long Sleeve Hooded Smooth Tee
The Life Is Good company is spreading a message of optimism throughout the world through its clothing and accessories, and I love these hooded tees! I own two, and they recently released new designs like this butterfly in blue. They are soft and lightweight, and perfect for spring. www.lifeisgood.com; $38.

Tammy’s Summer 2020 Picks







Dr. Brite LED Teeth Whitening Kit – Starter Package
In search of a teeth whitening kit that didn’t contain a ton of chemicals, I discovered Dr. Brite. Their whitening pens are amazing and now they offer complete whitening kits featuring duel LED lights and mouthpiece too. Their products whiten without causing sensitivity or using any toxic chemicals. www.drbrite.com; $59.99 for the starter kit.


Petit Vour Cruelty Free Beauty Box
I’ve been subscribed to this beauty box for a couple of years, and I always get excited when it arrives each month. It’s filled with four products (always valued at more than $50) of plant-based, non-toxic and cruelty-free beauty items including makeup, bath and body, skincare and more. It’s a great way to discover new brands – so many that have come in this box I now use on a regular basis. www.petitvour.com; $15 per month.


Ursa Major Golden Hour Recovery Cream
I first discovered this cream in one of my Petit Vour beauty boxes, also featured on this page, and I used every last drop and then re-ordered. It is so hydrating but absorbed fast, helps reduce the appearance of redness, and is also wrinkle-busing and anti-aging. I use it every night and it’s all non-toxic and natural ingredients. www.ursamajor.com; $48, 1.67 ounces.


Sower’s Source Organic Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit
A friend of mine introduced me to this, and I love the ability to grow herbs indoors. The seed packets are organic and non-GMO, and the kit included the seeds, pots, markers and soil mix. It allows you to grow fresh basil, cilantro, parsley, sage and thyme. www.amazon.com; $18.89.



Lesser Evil Organic Popcorn
I’ve been snacking on this popcorn all summer in both the Himalayan Sea Salt and the Himalayan Sweetness flavors. Its organic, non-GMO and made with organic coconut oil. Plus, there is a cute Buddha on the bag which just makes me smile. The brand has other flavors available too along with other snack options. www.lesserevil.com; Case of 5 (5 ounce) bags, $19.99. Also available at www.vitacost.com.