VIDEO: ABC’s “Primetime Nightline: Beyond Belief” to Explore Near Death Experiences

As part of its 13-week summer series, “Primetime Nightline” will continue its five-part investigation into the realm of extra-sensory, spiritual and more, and this week is covering the topic of near death experiences, airing Wednesday, August 3 at 10 p.m. eastern on ABC Television Network.

In it, ABC’s Bob Woodruff will share his own near death experience, as well as the experience of others, including what people see, feel and hear when they describe crossing over from this world to the next before returning back.

During the one-hour special, Woodruff will talk candidly about what he remembers in the minutes after a vehicle he was traveling in while in Iraq  during 2006 hit an improvised explosive device, according to ABC. Woodruff saw his body floating beneath him, and in “The Other Side” he speaks with other people who report the same type of out of body experience, as well as theologians, preachers, researchers and physicians who try to explain it, the network reported.

Watch the preview video!