100 Percent Pure Black Tea Mascara

We shop for organic food, make sure our cleaning products are environmentally friendly, but then many of us fail to treat our skin and face with the same respect. Makeup has been known to contain a number of chemicals and toxins, yet many women apply it every morning without a second thought.

Well, we found the brand 100 Percent Pure, which offers cosmetics and skincare, and one of our most favorite mascaras in the world – especially for lengthening – is the 100 Percent Pure Black Tea Mascara.

There are no synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances, petro chemicals, chemical preservatives, or any other toxins in any of the 100 Percent Pure products, and the mascara is pigmented with Black Tea or fruit pigments. It also includes ingredients like organic green tea and vitamin E.

The Black (our favorite) uses black tea; Blackberry is a shimmery black plum; Blueberry is a shimmery blue black; and Dark Chocolate is a shimmery black brown.

Right now, every order of $75 or more receives a Black Tea Mascara free! For more information, visit www.100percentpure.com.