Mindfulness Yoga Reduces Depression & Anxiety in Pregnant Women

Researchers believe they found a link between mindfulness yoga and reducing depression in pregnant women, according a recent report published in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice.

Women who were between 12 an 26 weeks pregnant, and showed signs of depression, participated in 10 weeks of 90-minute mindfulness yoga sessions focused on poses for the pregnant body, as well as support in the awareness of how their bodies were changing to help their babies grow, according to a report by Counselheal.com.

Researches discovered a mentionable reduction in depressive symptoms and a stronger attachment to their babies in the womb for those who participated in the study.

During pregnancy, hormones causing depression and anxiety can become a serious health concern, and if left untreated can lead to health risks for both the mother and baby such as poor weight gain, preeclampsia, premature labor and trouble bonding with the new baby, the report stated. Lead author Maria Muzik said developing feasible alternatives for treatment is critical.

“Unfortunately, few women suffering from perinatal health disorders receive treatment, exposing them and their child to the negative impact of psychiatric illness during one of the most vulnerable times,” Muzik said.

Mindfulness yoga – which combines meditative focus with physical poses – has proven to be a powerful method to fight stress and boost energy, the report stated.