Jerry Seinfeld Talks About His 40 Years of Transcendental Meditation

Did you know comedian Jerry Seinfeld is a devotee to transcendental meditation (TM)? He has actually been practicing for 40 years, and was recently on Good Morning America to talk about it and his support for the David Lynch Foundation, which teaches children in schools and war veterans the technique as part of its program.

“It makes a difference, but it’s very hard to explain. You know how I was describing it to somebody? I was saying, how your phone has a charger. It’s like if you had a charger for your whole body and mind. That’s what TM is,” Seinfeld explained in the broadcast.

Joining him on the show as Bob Roth, executive director of the David Lynch Foundation. Roth explained the technique is not about a religion or a belief system, but simply a technique to quiet the mind.

“The whole idea is we have active, noisy levels of the mind – that we’ve got to go here, go do this, do that. But every human being has deep within, a settled, calm, silent level of your mind. And this transcendental meditation has that active mind slow down,” he noted.

To see the more than 3-minute segment, watch the video below: