Canyon Ranch Heath Resorts Adds New Spiritual and Creative Arts Programs

Canyon Ranch expanded its spirituality and creative arts departments to include the addition of new services and physical spaces at their destination resorts in Tucson, Arizona and Lenox, Mass. to help people explore and connect more deeply with what brings meaning, value and purpose in life.

Some of the new spirituality programs include, “Celebrating the Divine Feminine,” in which the feminine gifts such as intuition and passion are explored and celebrated to help guest embrace their current stage of life; “Finding Your Spirituality Through Fitness,” where a spiritual service provider shares tips to deepen your daily exercise routine so it becomes a meditative practice; and “Floating Meditation,” a session that utilizes the power of water and guided imagery to allow for healing, relaxation and insight. On the creative arts side, new programs include jewelry and pottery making, water colour, poetry and create your own bath products.

In support of the new spirituality programs, Canyon Ranch Tucson opened it’s new Spiritual Wellness Centre in February, an area specifically designed to give guest the opportunity to explore activities that resonate with their spirit. A Zen garden and Sanctuary Building will be completed in the Spring for more individual meditation and group workshops.

Top Detox Spas in the U.S. & Canada

Are you looking for a spa retreat to kick start a wellness program, or detox the body? Fox News recently listed its top detox spas, and the below five are the best of the United States and Canada.

Whether its limiting fat, refined foods, salt and sugar; looking for detoxifying treatments and medical/nutritional counseling; or incorporating stress-relieving acts, such as meditation and yoga, these spas offer a variety for the mind, body and spirit.


Canyon Ranch Tucson
Set in the desert, guests can hike, partake in daily fitness options, and participate in wellness services, including medical testing and consultations with physicians. Also, The Life Enhancement Center (LEC) at the resort — a stand-alone facility for up to 40 guests — is an expertly-staffed spa within the spa that offers special programs including brain fitness and weight loss weeks, according to the Fox News report. Looking for an individualized detox program? The center’s Food Development Department will create customized menus depending on your needs!

Golden Door, Escondido, Calif.
With room for just 40 guests, this Japanese-style spa offers customized programs with a focus on fitness, relaxation, life transitions, empowerment, achieving goals, or being balanced in body, mind and spirit, Fox News reported. Also, Dr. Wendy Bazilian, the resident Nutrition Advisor, creates customized and safe detox programs, while the spa offers detoxifying herbal wraps.

Pritikin Longevity Center + Spa, Miami, Fla.
This spa offers health and weight loss programs focused on the return to eating clean and fresh foods, such as roasted lobster, grilled bison and penne pasta, Fox News reported. The facility offers 10 board-certified physicians offering consultations and medical assessments, as well as daily educational programs such as cooking and grocery shopping classes. There are also indoor and outdoor pools, fitness classes, golf and tennis to keep guest active and busy – and of course, spa services!

Red Mountain Resort, Ivins, Utah
Red Mountain Resort is located just a two hour drive from Las Vegas, and offers 28-day detox programs, such as “Body in Balance Detox” (starting at $300 per day, per person), and designed to rid the body of environmental toxins and inflammation, according to Fox News. It features gluten-free meals, a nutrition assessment, lymphatic drainage, acupuncture, Ultraclear smoothies, morning hikes and more, the report stated.


Spa Eastman, Eastman (Quebec) Canada
Two hours east of Montreal guests can hike wooded trails, exercise, enjoy spa treatments, and eat healthy organic meals. Programs and packages include the seven-day immersion raw food cure and vacation; weight loss retreats; and meditation workshops, Fox News reported.