Carlos Santana on Spirituality & Music

In a recent interview with Las Vegas Magazine, legendary musician and guitarist Carlos Santana talked music, life, inspiration and spirituality.

“Spirituality is something very tangible to give you assurance and a guarantee that the universe is abundant and at your service,” he says in the article. “But you have to learn how to access it.

“A lot of people today have mental paralysis: They’re arrogant, they don’t have trust, faith or belief in anything outside of, ‘the world is going to hell.’ They’re cynical, which is like cement in your brain.”

Santana explained how everything he does onstage is a reflection of his spirituality, and how perceiving life through this lens makes a difference.

“You cannot behave appropriately unless you perceive correctly,” he said in the article. “Then you are a beam of light and you will carry yourself differently. You are created in the image of God — love, only love. Say: ‘I am meaningful and significant and I can make a difference in the world.’”