Dream Town Realty Offers Complimentary Meditation & Yoga to Employees

Chicago real estate company, Dream Town, dedicated to first-time home buyers and doing business mostly online, is offering its brokers and full-time employees a meditation course focused on stress management, meditation and learning how to react mindfully in day to day life. Led by Dr. Chris Chroniak and The Insight Center, so far 50 of the company’s real estate brokers completed the course.

In conjunction with its traditional employee benefits, Dream Town has placed heavy emphasis on providing services and resources that promote wellness and help employees maintain a healthy work-life balance.

“Real estate is a demanding business with a frenetic pace at work,” said Yuval Degani, Dream Town founder and president. “When we offer our people opportunities like this mediation class, it’s an all around benefit. This is a real impact on their personal life and they reap the fruits of that in their real estate career. There is a perfect correlation.”

Additionally, another group of Dream Town employees will be attending The Insight Center’s July/August meditation course and will be going on a scholarship, as the course usually cost $495. Participants will attend a weekly group class for eight weeks and will receive instruction on how to maintain their daily practice and meditation at home. The aim of the course is to promote both internal relaxation and empowerment, according to the company.

In addition to meditation courses, Degani also provides onsite yoga classes, organic produce delivery and free massages.