New Essential Oils Line by Cleopatra’s Choice

Whether inhaling the fragrance or applying it on different points of the body, essential oils have been used for centuries to sooth the mind, body and spirit. Cleopatra’s Choice, a company known for their all-natural ingredients and skin care products including dead sea bath salts, dead sea mud soap and 100-percent, organic shea butter, recently added a line of essential oils.

“Aromatherapy has long been used to treat everything from congestion to anxiety,” said Alex Keyan, CEO of Cleopatra’s Choice. “Our customers are serious about using natural ways of improving their lives and the essential oil line fits that perfectly. The difference this time is the pampering is a mind-body experience.”

The new line includes a variety of products such as Lavender oil (known to calm the body and mind; Tee Tree oil, often used an antibacterial and antifungal treatment; and Peppermint oil, an energizing fragrance that can  help with congestion or sore muscles.

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