VIDEO: Deepak Chopra Introduces the Dream Weaver App: Meditate, Relax, Dream

Deepak Chopra released a Dream Weaver light and sound mind machine earlier this year, which is special glasses using light and sound pulses at different frequencies to help users achieve different states of consciousness and fall into relaxation quickly. Featuring 16 LED’s, the device sells for $299, and comes with nine programs on disks – with additional programs available for $14.95 each.

Now, the bestselling author is offering users access to these programs via an app for iPhone and Andorid. Each program is available for $14.95, and users don’t need the actual machine because the programs use electronics built into the smartphones, along with a single LED camera strobe light. Additionally, the programs include Deepak Chopra speaking and original music by his co-author of the book “Super Brain,” Dr. Rudy Tanzi.

“The Dream Weaver app causes the LED strobe light on the smart phone to flash rhythmically from 20Hz to 0.5Hz,” Chopra explained. “The experience is had with one’s eyes closed resulting in a meditative, relaxed or dream state depending on the program.”

For more information on the app and the original Dreamweaver program, visit, and watch the below video to see Deepak Chopra demonstrate the app.