FREE CALL: Feng Shui Your Office to Increase Your Income

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you work for yourself as a life coach or a healer? Did you know your office space could be working against you?

Office feng shui expert Brenni Larson is offering a free training call Wednesday, October 20, 2013 at noon eastern/9 a.m. pacific time to help you “Make Space to Make Money.”

Here are some common signs your office space is working against you:

  • You feel stressed because you didn’t complete your to-do list
  • You can’t find the information, or items you need quickly
  • You’re feeling burned-out, fried and overwhelmed when in your office
  • You don’t feel you have a clear vision for your business
  • You feel drained of energy the longer you sit at your desk

“Train Your Brain” expert Dana Wilde will be interviewing her live (with a replay available if you can’t make the live call) and you will learn:

  • The 2 REAL Reasons you are exhausted
  • The 1 free things to do to increase your energy and focus now
  • How to discover what is really going on in your business
  • Where to NEVER put your desk

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