Brenni Larson: Feng Shui – Making Space to Move Forward in 2014

Did you know the space you live and work in is either raising or lowering your vibration and ability to manifest? Thanks to the art and science of feng shui, we can change our environment and the energy around us to work for us rather than against us.

Brenni Larson, feng shui expert and founder of the Feng Shui Messenger Academy joined Elevated Existence Magazine founder, Tammy Mastroberte, on the Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Summit to talk about feng shui and how it effects money, relationships and more!

“Feng shui combines science and mathematical formulas, and is rooted in nature,” Larson said on the call. “The masters who created feng shui based it on the way natural energy behaved and the effect it had on them. They used it for favorable locations for dwellings, and for balance and harmony.”

Larson revealed the four factors of feng shui:

Everything is energy.
Your space reflects your life.
Intention is foremost.
Use nature as your model.

“Feng shui is one-third of what the Chinese believe is luck,” Larson explained. “There is heaven luck, or what you are born with, such as being a good singer or having great bone structure; earth or man luck, which is the choices you make; and then feng shui, or the things that are surrounding you.”

She encouraged listeners to look around their space and at the walls to see what pictures are hung, who gave them the items, and if they like the person or not. Everything should be examined from the point of view of whether it is raising their vibration or lowering it, said Larson. She also had advice for those who feel “stuck.”

“When you move something you are moving energy. When people get stuck in their office, we will tell them to get up and move nine things. Pick up nine things, look at it and then move it somewhere else because you are changing energy and you are changing the thought in your brain to to go onto something else,” she shared.

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Another big area that can keep us stuck in general or lower our vibration is clutter. Instead of saying “clear clutter,” Larson looks at the process as “making space.”

“You want to make space. Look especially at piles that are vertical because horizontal piles are better. Look around the office. How many things do you have on the walls, desks, chairs? Everything is having an impact on you. Set a timer for nine minutes a day, and clean one area,” she recommended.

One area of the house it’s most important to keep clear of clutter is around the front door because that is how energy or chi enters the house, she said. “You don’t want rickety front steps or a handrail missing, or have a color at your front door you hate,” Larson noted. “You want that area to be clean and clear to bring in that energy.”

Also, the health area of the bedroom and house should be clear of clutter, which his the center of a room or home from the doorway.

The Energy Map
Each room – or even an entire home – can be divided into nine sections representing various areas of our life, known in feng shui as a Bagua or energy map, said Larson. By standing at the front door of a home, or the door to a room, we can see where these nine sections are and take steps to clear and boost the energy in each.

“Lay the energy map out from the front door of your house or a door of the office,” she said. “Standing looking in, the wealth area will be the far left.”

The rest of the to row is fame and reputation, and partnerships or relationships (personal or business). Then the second or middle row is family, health, which is the very center, and creativity. The bottom sections from left to right are knowledge and spirituality, travel and helpful people. Each section is represented by different colors and elements, and if we are struggling in a certain area we could be missing a piece in that section.

For example, the health area of a room or home should not have a lot of plants because that is an earth element, said Larson. We want this area to be open, and she suggested placing a Swarovski crystal in the center of a house or office.

“A Swarovski crystal is faceted with a point at the bottom, and it expands out balancing and anchoring the energy for the health of your house,” she noted.

Start in the areas of the energy map where we have challenges – choosing three areas to work on. We may notice the same area in each room, as well as the overall house, is cluttered or missing something and that is why we are struggling.

For those struggling with money, if the wealth area – the far left from the doorway of a room or home – is cluttered, wealth can’t even find its way in, said Larson. The area should be cleaned, and she recommended burning incense to release the stuck energy. Only keep items in this area that are raising our vibration.

“The wealth area is a wood element, and water feeds wood, so put a plant in the wealth area and water it because that means it’s growing,” Larson noted. “That would be a feng shui adjustment. Also, you don’t want too much fire because fire burns up wood, and that will burn your wealth up.”


Increase Energy & Focus
For those who are looking to increase their energy and focus when working, Larson offered a few tips – especially for those working from a home office. First, set time zones where people know not to interrupt you, but also make sure to take frequent breaks.

“Every hour, no more than two, get up and if it’s nice outside go for a walk and get your body moving. Get your energy moving and wake up the brain,” she said.

We should also look around our workspace and make sure all the lights are working and bulbs are not burnt out. Just like in cartoons when a light bulb appears above a person’s head, the same is true with us, she noted.

“If your lightbulbs are not all working, its like in your brain the light bulb is not totally on,” she noted. “You want to be able to see things clearly and have light shine.”

Creating Wealth in Work
In a home office, it’s important to look at where our desk is placed. This is called a command position, said Larson.

“If you look at a dog, a dog would never lay with his back to the door or his nose up to a wall,” she said. “The best place for a desk is the farthest corner from the door where you are not in direct alignment with the door, but can see it. You want to be facing it.”

Also, when our back is to the door people can “sneak up from behind” or we can feel like someone can stab us in the back, which can cause health issues, Larson noted. And if we are have desk up against the wall, this is how we will feel in our business – like we are constantly against the wall with a deadline and things won’t flow smoothly to us. If there is no way to rearrange the situation, Larson recommends having something reflective so we can see the door behind us.

Additionally, the placement of things on our desk can make a difference and the bagua or energy map applies her as well. The far left is the wealth corner, so placing a plant there, coins or anything that reminds us of wealth is ideal. We could also write a wealth goal and place it there.

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