Yoga Health Foundation Offers One Free Week of Yoga at a Studio Near You

September is official National Yoga Month (a national observance designated by the Department of Health & Human Services) and is designed to build awareness of yoga’s proven health benefits and inspire people to practice yoga.

As part of the celebration, over 1,600 yoga studios nationwide are offering one free week of yoga to students in their areas. It’s open to new students and can be redeemed during the month of September or October.

Sign up here and simply fill out the form and choose a studio in your area from the list of those participating. And if a studio in your are is not participating, you can invite them to join.



Yoga Health Foundation Offers Free Week of Yoga Near You

September is National Yoga Month, and the Yoga Health Foundation is celebrating by offering one week of free yoga at a more than 2,200 participating yoga studios nationwide! Simply fill out the form, select a studio, and you will be emailed your Yoga Month Card!

The Yoga Health Foundation is a nonprofit organization, and the website features a yoga finder for events, studios and teachers.

If you are new to yoga it’s the perfect time to try it out, and for those who are seasoned yogi’s, why not try out a new studio for free!