Are you a Heartrepreneur?

I remember coming out of the heartrepreneur closet several years ago when a mentor of mine at the time kept insisting that I needed a business plan full of charts and graphs with elaborate formulas to analyze this and that. My head immediately started hurting, and I became all flustered at the thought.

I then heard the voice of my inner wise woman say, “No, you don’t need those. That isn’t you.” For the first time, I allowed myself to take a breath and acknowledge (out loud—eeek!) that while business plans with charts, graphs and formulas may work well for others, they just aren’t the tools that resonate for me to use in my business building strategy.

After acknowledging this reality, I transitioned away from trying to stuff my circle self into a square hole and began moving with the flow of my inner pilot, saying “yes” to opportunities, people and places that connected with me and “no, thank you” to those that didn’t. I surprisingly and gratefully watched as my business expanded in tremendously satisfying directions.

To me, Heartrepreneurs are entrepreneurs that lead with their heart — when in doubt, we come back to our heart center, get quiet and listen for our inner wisdom’s guidance on how to move forward. We are courageous souls, men and women alike, and conscious leaders, invested in mindfully constructing businesses and organizations that resonate with our deep desire to contribute our unique gifts and skills in ways that make our planet a better place to live, work and play on. We have learned to set healthy boundaries, trust our instincts, and not be swayed away from our inner compass when the noise of the mainstream gets loud.

Qualities of a Heartrepreneur:

Has the courage to discover and ignite the flame within and let it guide your soul purpose.
Heartrepreneurs have the courage to acknowledge when fear may be getting in the way of following their soul’s purpose, and they have a practice that allows them to move through the fear and come back to their heart center before moving forward. Heartrepreneurs know that ideas without passion behind them often flounder, and they trust their instincts to move away from what doesn’t resonate with them, whether this be an idea, a partnership, or an opportunity. Heartrepreneurs align with their vision and purpose and respond accordingly.  Does this sound familiar?

Engages authentically
Heartrepreneurs know authentic engagement is one of the keys to successful business building, and they are conscious about being authentic in their interactions as they navigate transactions with customers, clients, colleagues, staff, mentors, etc.

Accepts your limitless worth and value
Heartrepreneurs know in order to welcome abundance, they must be aligned with the truth that they are worthy of experiencing abundance. When we realize and accept ourselves as worthy and valuable human beings, our businesses expand in deeper and more meaningful ways.

Cultivates Relationships
Heartrepreneurs understand the value of relationships and know that along with engaging authentically, cultivating relationships is at the heart of successful business practice.  Consciously working to develop meaningful relationships on a daily basis, heartrepreneurs maintain connections regularly rather than simply calling on people when they “need” something. Relationships are truly at the heart of our businesses and heartrepreneurs appreciate and share gratitude for the ways various people support their business and also reciprocate support by helping others in ways that resonate with them to do so.

Think less and Feel more.
Don’t get me wrong here, obviously Heartrepreneurs think. They are actually some of the most successful thought leaders in the world! The thing I believe Heartrepreneurs understand, however, is that their ability to feel their way through situations, allowing their heart to lead the way, keeps them centered on their greater vision and purpose so each decision can align with this purpose and thus the business can flourish accordingly.

Regardless of the businesses we are in, here’s to remembering the value of leading from a heart-felt place, a place that is conscious, authentic and honest, It is this place that welcomes a vibration of meaningful success!

Keri Nola is author of “A Year on Your Path to Growth: Daily Inspirations to Reconnect with Your Soul,” and founder of Path to Growth LLC, a Central Florida-based integrative healing center that blends traditional and holistic techniques for journeys to peace. As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Nola provides psychotherapy and facilitates therapeutic retreats for those seeking to reconnect with their inner wisdom, particularly after trauma or loss. She also offers heart-inspired business consultations for healthcare professionals. For more information visit, on Facebook and Twitter @pathtogrowth.

NOTE: Picture of Keri Nola by Monica Alfonso