How to Make Homemade, All Natural Sugar Scrub

We all know those high-end brands that charge between $25 and $60 for a good sugar or salt scrub – but why not make your own? This way you know what ingredients are included (and can pronounce them!), and you can save some money too! Five jars can be made for less than $15, according to an article in the Orange County Register.

The article explains how to make a homemade sugar scrub – which is much less abrasive than a salt variety. The best part is there are only two main ingredients – sugar and oil! Brown sugar is suggested for those with sensitive skin because it is much softer than granulated, and for those who prefer a coarser texture, raw sugar is the best choice.

When it comes to the oil, it’s up to you! Almond oil, coconut oil, baby oil, avocado oil and even olive oil can be used. To add a scent, drop in some essential oils, and for extra skin benefits, add in a teaspoon of honey.

So what’s the recipe? It comes down to one part oil and two parts sugar, according to the article.

1. Place the sugar in a glass bowl and slowly stir in the oil with a wooden stick. The mixture will look lumpy and a dry, but it should, so don’t add more oil!  Here is where you can add a few drops of essential oil, or lemon zest, according to the report.
2. Fill a glass jar with the scrub and screw the lid on tightly.

That’s it! And it’s a great gift idea too!