VIDEO: 3 Ways to Access Intuitive Guidance

When making a decision, finding a solution to a problem, or knowing the best action to take next, wouldn’t it be easier if you had help?

Well you do, and it’s easier to tap into than you think!

We ALL have the ability to tap into our intuition — our higher self, guides, angels and loved ones on the other side — and use it to help us navigate this physical world.

In this week’s video, I teach you 3 ways to access intuitive guidance — even if you think you’re not intuitive!

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James Van Praagh’s Tips for Intuitive Development

To celebrate his new online school, the James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts, bestselling author and psychic medium James Van Praagh offered a free webinar called “Playing the Psychic Game With James,” where he shared some tips and techniques to help exercise the psychic muscle and enhance one’s intuition.

He started the session with a brief meditation to bring everyone into the present moment and “get out of the head space and into the heart.” Any time someone is doing psychic work or wants to access his or her intuitive voice, the first step is to work from the heart and not the head, he said.

“If you are in your head, you will judge things and reason things, but when in the heart space you are coming from truth,” Van Praagh told the live audience watching the Google Hangout session, which included viewers form the U.S., Australia, Africa, Spain, Brazil, Russia, China and more.

Prior to the call, he chose three cards (guided by Spirit) from his newly designed deck called “The Soul’s Journey Lesson Cards: a 44-Deck and Guidebook,” specifically for the session. These were: Worry, Trust and Surrender.

“Worry is a wasted emotion. It does nothing except give you the illusion of control,” Van Praagh told the audience. “We have to realize if we put worry on something, and we fear something, it will stop the energy from flowing, and we won’t be able to hear our intuition.”

For Trust, we must accept that our inner voice will always guide us correctly, he continued. Our intuition is our soul’s language, and when we start to use it, we will see how guided we are in the life decisions and choices we must make. And Surrender is about releasing our need for control and having faith.

“You are a soul having this human experience, and as a soul you can do anything,” Van Praagh said, explaining the three cards go together — when we have a situation we often Worry, but we need to Trust and Surrender.

JVP ad 160w X 400hPsychic Exercises
During the Google Hangout, Van Praagh offered a number of opportunities for viewers to hone their intuitive muscles, including holding up a white envelope with a picture inside and asking the audience to intuit who was in the picture, what they looked like, etc., and holding a box and asking them to intuit what object was inside. But first he taught everyone how to “run energy,” to clear the chakras and drop into the heart space.

“It’s like a filtration system where we bring down cosmic light through the top of the head and bring up the earth energy through the feet. Then blend them together and send them out in front of you like a fountain. There is a circulation that happens and you filter out negativity and other people’s energies,” he said.

He offered the following suggestions to practice build one’s intuitive muscle, and encouraged the audience to try it on everything:

— When the phone rings, before looking at the caller ID, try to intuit who is calling.

— If you are going to a new restaurant, try to intuit what it will look like? What will the hostess stand look like? Will the hostess be male or female? What will the people you are going with be wearing, and what type of specials will there be?

— If you are going to a business meeting with people you have never met, intuit how many people will be there, where you will be sitting in the meeting — if it’s a conference room, where will you sit at the table? Who will sit next to you? What do they look like? What color clothes will they wear, and what will their personality be like?

— “I do this with the mail,” said Van Praagh. “If I have an invoice or bill, I try to intuit the amount.”

— Go to a shopping center and start tuning into the energy of the people there to see what you pick up about people.

In his “JVP Psychic and Intuitive Certification Level 1 Course” as part of his new online school, one of the first exercises the course offers is for students to start looking at the world around them as if they have a magnifying glass, and notice what they are feeling, he said. He also recommends sitting in the same space every day and run our energy before sitting in silence and going within our heart.

“The more you start to live your life with a sense of your intuition first, you begin to program yourself to live your life that way, and your intuition will come gangbusters right to the surface,” Van Praagh noted.

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Advice From Sonia: Letting Intuition Be the Guide

Learning to listen to our intuition can be the most powerful resource we have to navigate the world around us

By Sonia Choquette

Intuition is your most powerful resource for living at the highest level in today’s modern world, and the greatest inventors, innovators, creative’s, artists and leaders throughout history heartily agree. Steve Jobs relied heavily on intuition to guide him to create Apple, the most successful company in the history of business. Einstein regularly attributed his intuition to the great discoveries he made in life, and Helen Keller said it was the most important sense of all.

Your inner voice protects you. It points you in the direction of opportunity, and leads you toward positive relationships – and away from those that aren’t. It saves you time, connects you with things you need and people who can enhance your life, and it can even protect your health. Intuition can also entertain you along the way, bringing you more joy. It is your internal GPS system, and serves to help you succeed and make life easier in every way. Best of all, it’s natural so everyone has it, including you.

So how can you tap into your intuition today?

Start by taking a few moments every day to breathe in deeply and relax. Notice where you are, what you hear, see, sense and feel, and what is taking your energy. Then turn your full attention inward and become aware of your inner voice. It can be a moment in the shower or just after parking your car at work. You can do it as you wash your hands before dinner or while you wait for the train home from work. It can even be done while folding laundry or watering your plants.

No matter where you are, as you get quiet, breathe in deeply and ask, “What is my intuition trying to tell me today? Or at this moment?” Don’t try to figure anything out. Don’t try too hard. There is no need to focus on any particular thing as you do this, unless you want to. Then, once you ask the question, simply listen to your heart, much like you would listen to a dear friend speaking to you on the phone.

It may take a moment or two for the mental chatter of the ego to quiet so you can hear.  Be patient. Relax and breathe as you listen. As you do, also become aware of any gut feelings, bright ideas, flashes, creative impulses or thoughts that may cross your mind. All of these are the calling cards of intuition. It’s important to pay attention, as they arise quickly and leave just as quickly, so practice being aware of their subtlety.

Also know intuitive feelings arise in many forms, and can even vary from day to day. You may hear them in your mind one day. The next day you may feel them, sense them, see them, or simply have a direct feeling as if to say, “I just know.” Or, all of the above.

Pay close attention to these subtle flashes of insight and intuition, in whatever guise they appear. One effective way to get good at this is to acknowledge all intuitive feelings and flashes out loud as they dance across your mind. That way, you capture them before they slip away. As the saying goes, “If you name it, you claim it.”

Once you acknowledge your intuition, allow yourself to fully absorb what your inner voice is saying. Let the message sink in. You will discover the more you give your intuition a valued voice in your life, the more it has to offer, and the better your life will be for it, in every way.

sonia_choquetteSonia Choquette is a spiritual teacher, six-sensory consultant, storyteller and visionary guide known for her delightful humor and skill in quickly shifting people out of difficulty and into flow. She is the author of 19 bestselling books on intuitive awakening, personal growth, creativity and transformational leadership, including The New York Times bestseller “The Answer Is Simple.” Her work has been published in more than 37 languages, making her one of the most widely read experts in her field. For more information, visit