Naturopathica Herbal Therapy Pillows

New from NY-based holistic skin care line Naturopathica is two herbal therapy products – an Herbal Therapy Pillow and Herbal Therapy Eye Pillow.

The Herbal Therapy Pillow features a linen pillow case filled with flax sees, pine and peppermint. Developed to relieve fatigued muscles and calm the senses, it can be used hot or cold. For sore muscles, stiffness and tension, the company recommends microwaving the pillow for up to two minutes, and applying to the affected area on the body for up to 15 minutes. For strained muscles, joint pain and inflammation, the pillow can be placed in a plastic bag in the freezer and applied for 15 minutes as well. It sells for $44.

EyeMask_190x440The Herbal Therapy Eye Pillow is recommended for sleep, yoga or just relaxation and is filled with organic flax seeds, lavender and chamomile. The material used is 100 percent organic linen, and can also help calm puffy eyes when placed in a plastic bag in the freezer.

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